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Tips for Reducing Braces Pain

The decision to get braces is a major one and only after a dentist in Newmarket recommends it, one might go for it. And the best thing is that you’ll be assured a healthy and gorgeous smile after that! During the whole process, there might be days when a person feels a bit uneasy with the brace’s wires. Thankfully, braces aren’t permanent and are removed in a few days. Throughout the treatment, you must visit your dentist in Newmarket and follow up every month or six weeks. Other than that, there are a few recommendations that might help deal with the uneasiness that accompanies installation of braces.

  1. Ice Packs

Ice is one of the surefire ways of reducing the discomfort caused by braces wires. Whenever you feel your mouth is sore, just grab a cold pack or some cold food item like ice cream to reduce swelling and accompanied pain.


  1. Gargle with Lukewarm Salt Water

Most of the dentists in Newmarket recommended swishing mouth with lukewarm salt water to reduce inflammation immediately.


  1. Over-the-Counter Pain Killers

Those who find it extremely discomforting at times to deal with braces, painkillers as suggested by dentists in Newmarket would work the best. It is important to seek suggestion from a dentist as proper dosage must be administered.


  1. Gum Massage

As a massage would ease your body pain, similarly gum massage would benefit the pain in teeth & gum health. Use your fingers to softly massage in and around of the gums and it would surely help.


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Common Mistakes Made While Brushing Teeth

Tooth brushing is an extremely important daily chore that is taught right from the childhood to ensure good dental health. All Newmarket dentists place maximum impact on proper brushing technique so as to maintain oral hygiene. However, there are a few mistakes that many people make till date when it comes to brushing teeth, which are as follows :

1. Use of wrong brush size: Depending on the size of your mouth, you must select a brush. If you have a big mouth, a bigger toothbrush should be chosen and those with a smaller mouth should choose a smaller sized brush. Other than brush size, the bristles (brush type) matters a lot. The bristles should neither be too hard nor be too soft. It should be good enough to remove tartar and plaque.

2. Brushing time: It is one chore necessity of your daily routine, which according to dentists in Newmarket, should be done patiently. Ideally spend anywhere between 2-3 minutes for brushing your teeth properly. In this time, you must clean all sides of the teeth – internal cleaning is as important as external cleaning.

3. Brushing speed: You shouldn’t place too much impact over your pearly whites for cleaning as it would harm teeth.

Use proper dental technique in order to maintain good health of your teeth and display that perfect smile. Also, keep visiting your dentist in Newmarket for regular checkups to make sure your teeth are in place.

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Teeth Whitening: At Home or the Clinic?

If you are considering undergoing a teeth whitening procedure, listen up. Whether it is a specific discolouration you want to target, or a yellowing of the enamel due to old age, or uneven patches post the removal of dental crowns or braces, there are quite a few solutions out there that could help you achieve a pearly white glisten. However there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind before making up your mind about how, when and where you want to undergo a teeth whitening in Newmarket procedure.


As one of the most common dental procedures today, teeth whitening has become a huge market. A lot of people are, despite the highly qualified and experienced dentists available to them, a little unsure about visiting a dentist for a teeth whitening in Newmarket procedure. They prefer doing it at home by using a teeth whitening kit that is available at almost every other supermarket today.

But is an in-home teeth whitening in Newmarket procedure actually more beneficial? Could there be any side effects?

Well, there is a major advantage that dental teeth whitening procedures done at a clinic have: 1. They guarantee safety along with satisfactory results. Dental clinics in Newmarket adhere to the highest standards of safety that a patient could seek, which is why a procedure like teeth whitening, which involves the use of hydrogen peroxide and laser treatment, should be done at a clinic by a professional dentist.

  1. They provide satisfactory results. The results achieved at a clinic will definitely be more refined than results from a home kit. Thus for longer lasting whitening done by a professional adhering to the norms of safety, it is highly recommended that teeth whitening be done at a clinic by a good dentist in newmarket.

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Who Needs a Root Canal?

A root canal treatment is one of the most common dental procedures performed by dentists in Newmarket, coming only after extractions and routine check ups. A root canal treatment is required to save a badly damaged tooth, or several teeth. Sometimes this damage is due to an infection caused by neglect of the teeth. While performing a root canal procedure, the dentist removes the pulp from the infected area, cleans and disinfects it, and then puts it back and seals the area. The dentist who performs a root canal in Newmarket specializes in treating the pulp of the teeth, and is called an endodontist.

There are some obvious symptoms that tell your doctor that you need a root canal in Newmarket. These can only be recognized by a specialized eye. Further, the endodontist might collect data regarding the situation through a number of x-rays. These are necessary for an accurate telling of the extent of the problem.

However, there are some signs that can help the patient tell that they might need a root canal treatment. Some of these are:

  1. Recurring pain in the same part of the teeth, followed with a discharge of pus due to the infection. In some cases the area might be swollen and sore for some time before you consult a dentist regarding the pain.


  1. A lot of patients feel an extreme sensitivity to extremely hot or cold foods, dictated by the intensity of the infection at the time. Sometimes, a small bump might be found on the gums near the tooth that is infected and needs the treatment for root canal in Newmarket.


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When To Go For Teeth Whitening In Newmarket

Not all are blessed with the set of pearly white teeth that give them the most drool worthy smile that you can ever imagine. While some take extra care of their oral and dental care from the beginning that keeps their set of tooth in good health, shape and color, others often retort to medical treatments that can bring the bright white smile back on their face.

There can be many reasons for a person to go for teeth whitening in Newmarket. Some of the common reasons that can make you think of getting the treatment are:

  1. Stained tooth because of excess tea and coffee
  2. Discoloration of teeth due to aerated beverages
  3. Excess smoking leading to yellowness of teeth
  4. Lack of dental care causing discoloration
  5. Stains because of any health problem
  6. Chewing of tobacco and other related products


While these are the common problems that can make you opt for teeth whitening in Newmarket, there are certain situations in life as well that demand you to have a bright smile. Like for your wedding, you need to have a pearly white smile, for your career on silver screen, job interview and a lot more places where you need to be presentable. A crooked, stained or yellowish set of teeth is obviously not going to make you look presentable.


Thus, in such scenarios, teeth whitening in Newmarket treatment comes as a handy tool to get your bright smile back within a week. Though getting your teeth whitened chemically can also have some harmful effects, but you can always ask for dentist prescribed tooth care paste or mouthwash to maintain the whiteness you have achieved after your teeth whitening treatment. Taking regular care of your whitened teeth also reduces the chances of second-time teeth whitening treatment. Thus, it is important to take proper care of your oral and dental care from very young age only. For more information, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.


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