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Teeth Whitening: At Home or the Clinic?

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Teeth Whitening: At Home or the Clinic?

If you are considering undergoing a teeth whitening procedure, listen up. Whether it is a specific discolouration you want to target, or a yellowing of the enamel due to old age, or uneven patches post the removal of dental crowns or braces, there are quite a few solutions out there that could help you achieve a pearly white glisten. However there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind before making up your mind about how, when and where you want to undergo a teeth whitening in Newmarket procedure.


As one of the most common dental procedures today, teeth whitening has become a huge market. A lot of people are, despite the highly qualified and experienced dentists available to them, a little unsure about visiting a dentist for a teeth whitening in Newmarket procedure. They prefer doing it at home by using a teeth whitening kit that is available at almost every other supermarket today.

But is an in-home teeth whitening in Newmarket procedure actually more beneficial? Could there be any side effects?

Well, there is a major advantage that dental teeth whitening procedures done at a clinic have: 1. They guarantee safety along with satisfactory results. Dental clinics in Newmarket adhere to the highest standards of safety that a patient could seek, which is why a procedure like teeth whitening, which involves the use of hydrogen peroxide and laser treatment, should be done at a clinic by a professional dentist.

  1. They provide satisfactory results. The results achieved at a clinic will definitely be more refined than results from a home kit. Thus for longer lasting whitening done by a professional adhering to the norms of safety, it is highly recommended that teeth whitening be done at a clinic by a good dentist in newmarket.

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