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Tips to Get Your Anxious Kid Into the Dentist Chair

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Tips to Get Your Anxious Kid Into the Dentist Chair

It’s a normal tendency amongst small kids that they fret going for dental appointments. We understand! We have some tricks for you to help ease the dental fear in your kids and make it easier for you to take them to the dentist in Newmarket.

  1. Dental visits should start at a young age itself

Parents should start taking their kids to the dentist from the time first tooth appears (or their first birthday). This will not just be beneficial for their dental health in a longer run but also will acquaint them with an idea of kids dentists in Newmarket. They’ll get comfortable with the processes at the dental clinic and their trust would also develop.

  1. Play ‘dentist’ game at home

In order to familiarise them with the concept of dental clinics in Newmarket, start playing dentist game at home. Pretend that you’ve come for a dental visit and let your little one role-play a dentist. Ask him to check your teeth with toothbrush. Keep a chair and mirror handy so as to help them know about what a dental visit would likely be. They are not just going to enjoy the friendly games but will also be excited to visit a dentist in Newmarket in real.

  1. Stay calm

If your child gets petrified on the visit to the dentist, don’t get upset about it. In fact stay calm and try to cool down your little one even if he throws some fits.

Don’t bribe them to visit the dentist instead teach them the importance of oral hygiene. These tips will surely help you ease your anxious kids and get them into the dental chair easily.

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