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One day in the future, we may be able to use stem cells to literally “grow” a new tooth in the bone. Until then, dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth. Because they are versatile, durable and have a natural appearance, they are preferred by dentists as well as the patients. At East River Dental Care, we place and restore Dental Implants.

Planning: The process starts with planning the treatment. The Examination of the patient involves checking for depth and quality of bone which may require routine x-rays and occasional CT scanning. The patient will be informed of all costs involved as well as risks versus benefits of this option. An implant plus crown can cost between $3500 to $4500. An estimate will be sent to your insurance at this point to figure out if you would be covered for this procedure.

Implant placement: Soon after identifying the exact area for the Implant, titanium Implants are surgically inserted into the predetermined locations inside the jawbone. In spite the procedure being minor, the surgeon practices extreme precision and care for ensuring an aesthetic outcome.

Integration: In most of the cases, Implant placement follows a wait of 3-6 months after which the final crowns get attached. The primary aim of the delay is to allow the bone develop an affinity for the titanium so that the long-term durability becomes ensured.

Transformed Smiles: When the Integration turns favorable, and the gum tissues heal, the permanent crowns get fixed to the treated gum tissues. Whether the crowns would be cemented or screwed in the place depends on the type of Implant.

Be assured of a beautiful smile from East River Dental Care. Call us today at 905 895 8031 to book your implant consultation!


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