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Post-op Instructions

Post-op Instructions

dental-office-newmarket-eastriverdental-canada-ontario-newmarketTeeth Cleaning or Scaling

* Slight soreness of gums is normal after scaling procedures and may last a few days- salt water rinses will help.

* Some sensitivity in the teeth may occur which may be alleviated by using a toothpaste like Sensodyne. If needed, taking a painkiller for a day may help. If too much pain or soreness is experienced, please contact our office.



* Anytime a filling is done, you may experience slight soreness in the gums and cold sensitivity. Stick to room temperature foods, try salt water rinses and Sensodyne.

* If sensitivity persists for more than 8 weeks or is unbearable, please contact us. A small percentage of people may have the sensitivity that lasts longer but usually, there is the reason of either a deeper filling or a crack, which may require another intervention depending on the symptoms.

* Avoid chewing on hard foods for at least 24 hours after a filling is done.

* Your bite may be off initially and it can take a few days to settle. If in 2 weeks, its still seems off, please come in for an adjustment.


Root Canal

*In the case of a tooth infection or nerve damage, a root canal is advised.

* It may take 1-3 appointments to complete the root canal

* Your lip or cheek will remain numb for a couple of hours after you leave the office. It is advised to take Advil if you can before the numbness goes away in 2-3 hrs the appointment.

* Your dentist may prescribe a medication for you which should be taken as needed for pain. If an antibiotic is prescribed, please take it at regular intervals and finish the entire prescription to prevent antibiotic resistance development.

* Some people feel moderate pain after a root canal is completed, but it should start to feel better between in 24-48 hours.

* Avoid chewing any food on this side for a week. Hard foods should be avoided until a crown is placed on the tooth.

* If any unusual pain or swelling appears, please call or email our office.

* Estimate will be sent for a crown and once the tooth settles in a few weeks, the crown procedure should be started to prevent breakage of this tooth.


Permanent Crown, Veneer or Bridge

* A porcelain or metal crown or bridge were placed to protect your teeth or improve esthetics

* Do not eat or chew on this crown for 24 hours.

* Brush and floss every day to keep the margins of the crown clean

* Bridges will need to be cleaned with a floss threader under the suspended tooth in the middle

* Immediately after the appointment, there will be slight sensitivity in the gums or the tooth itself which should subside in a few weeks

* Try salt water rinses and Tylenol or Advil which suit you.

* Please call our office if the bite needs to be adjusted.


Extraction of a Tooth

For the next 12 hours:






*Tomorrow, gently rinse with warm salt water 4 times. Do this for the next 3 to 4 days. This will help promote healing.

* Some bleeding is normal after an extraction and usually stops within several hours. If it persists, bite firmly on a damp tea bag for 20 minutes.

*AVOID HOT LIQUIDS and rest with your head elevated.

* If bleedings are excessive or persist, please contact our office.

* Until the freezing wears off to be very careful not to bite your lips, tongue or cheeks – THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR CHILDREN.

* Avoid eating until the freezing is gone.

* You can begin drinking liquids as soon as you get home. Never hot liquids!

* You may eat soft foods such as eggs, puddings, and soups. Progress to a more solid diet over the next 36 hours.

* To minimize any swelling, place an ice pack over the area for 10 minutes and then remove it for 10 minutes. Repeat as necessary.

* If you are given a prescription, it should be taken after your appointment. Otherwise, a pain reliever like Advil or Tylenol may be taken as needed.

* DO NOT take aspirin as it may prolong any bleeding.

Call our office if there are any concerns.


Night Guard

* Thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before wearing the appliance.

* Soften the appliance in hot tap water before placing in your mouth.

* Use your finger to place the appliance over your teeth.

* DO NOT eat or drink while the appliance is in place.

* In the morning, use your toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the appliance after removing it.

* The appliance may also be cleaned by soaking it in cleaners such

as Polident Nightguard.

* Bring the appliance to all appointments (adjustments may be necessary).


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