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Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency




If any of these dental emergencies occur, feel free to call our office immediately at 905 895 8031.

Tooth Ache

In a case of a toothache that last more than 2 days or if it wakes you up at night, immediate attention is required by a dentist. Try and clean the gums with flossing if you can and use salt water rinses. Alternate cold and heat compresses on the cheek on the affected area may help.

Cuts and bruises on lip, tongue, cheek

Direct pressure with a cloth or towel should be applied to an area of external bleeding. In the case of bruising, cold compresses should be applied.

Knocked Out or Avulsed Adult Tooth

If the person who lost the tooth is awake, hold it at the shiny enamel part and immediately clean it gently with water and place it back into the tooth socket it come from. Hold it in place by keeping the patient’s mouth closed. Remind them to make sure that they do not swallow it. If the tooth cannot be placed back in the socket, hold it in the patient’s cheek or under the tongue making sure they don’t swallow it. If it cannot be held in the mouth or if the person is not awake, hold it in milk or salt water until you get to the hospital or nearest dental emergency center.

Knocked out baby tooth

Keep a towel or gauze on the area bleeding in the mouth. Bleeding should stop within a half hour. If it doesn’t, get your child to a dental center for a checkup. Tylenol makes be needed to reduce pain.

Canker Sores

Sometimes these very painful sores occur on the inside of lip or cheeks. The exact cause is unknown but usually, it can be because of suppressed immune system or eating spicy foods. If these sores occur very frequently, a checkup with you MD or naturopath is recommended. Over the counter medication can reduce the pain but usually these sores can last up to 2 weeks. Salt water rinses are a great way to reduce some inflammation.

Jaw trauma

Accidents can happen where jaw bone may break. This can be extremely painful. Take a cloth or towel to hold the jaw shut with your teeth biting down if possible and drive to the nearest available hospital emergency.

In a case of the locked jaw, try and move the jaw down and back and set it back into the jaw socket. Place cold compresses on the affected jaw if pain occurs. Make a consultation appointment with our office to discuss further.

Broken tooth

It is very common to break teeth that have had large fillings in the past. Call our office immediately if sharpness or pain is felt. Broken teeth can harbor food and bacteria which may cause cavities which may result in tooth loss.


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