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Gum health

Gum health

Dr.Sharma and her team at East River Dental Care are skilled at detecting and treating gum disease. Gum disease can be classified into early stage gingivitis or more advanced periodontitis. Uncontrolled gum disease can affect the attachment of tooth to the bone and gums. Ultimately, this can lead to tooth loss and may have a systemic effect on your body. Research has shown that gum disease is related to diabetes and heart disease.

Gum disease occurs due to the buildup of bacteria at the gum level around the tooth. Bacterial buildup starts as soft plaque and if not removed for a long time hardens into tartar or calculus, which is very rough and causes irritation and bleeding of the gums. If not controlled, gums develop an infection, which leads to softening of the underlying bone causing pocket formation around the tooth and ultimately tooth loss.

Early detection and treatment is the best way to prevent tooth loss in the long run. During your new patient exam and recall exams, we will check to see if the gums are at a healthy level. Based on the gum health, we determine the interval between your cleanings. Most people should have a cleaning every 3-6 months.

We take pride in providing preventive hygiene services to our patients. Most of our patients have been in our practice for 35 years and look forward to seeing our hygienists every few months.

During a hygiene appointment, the hygienist will update your medical history. She will then use a machine called a Cavitron or may hand-scrape the tartar built on your teeth. Regular flossing and brushing will be reviewed with you to remind you of the proper oral hygiene regimen. Your teeth will feel very smooth, fresh and clean! An electric toothbrush is highly recommended to maintain this smoothness and should be added to your daily oral health care routine.

You should treat yourself today and book a teeth cleaning session with us! Call us now at 905 895 8031 and experience the East River Dental Care difference!


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