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TMJ Therapy

TMJ Therapy

Our jaw joint is also called the Temporomandibular joint and sits right below our temples in front of our ears. You can feel the joint is you place a finger in front of your ears and try to open and close your mouth.

Individuals that grind their teeth at night may have sore jaw joints in the morning.  People who clench their teeth all day may have constant soreness in this joint. In addition, people with crowding or spacing of teeth may also develop jaw problems.

A physiotherapist(PT) may be the first line of defense in treating jaw pain. We will provide you with a relevant referral once a diagnosis is made. The PT may advise jaw exercises, cold and hot packs, Advil to reduce inflammation and muscle relaxants to help with the pain. Some physiotherapists use acupuncture, massage, and other interventions to relieve the pain.

If physiotherapy doesn’t help and if jaw joint pain interferes with feeding or if there is an unbearable pain, a referral to an oral surgeon will be required. Visit your dentist at East River Dental Care if you are suffering from jaw pain and we will take care of you. Call us today at 905 895 8031!


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