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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

* In the case of a tooth infection or nerve damage, a root canal is advised.
* It may take 1-3 appointments to complete the root canal
* You will be anesthetized when you leave your appointment. It is advised to take Advil if you can before the numbness goes away.
* Your dentist may prescribe a medication for you which should be taken as needed for pain. If an antibiotic is prescribed, please take it at regular intervals and finish the entire prescription to prevent antibiotic resistance development.
* It can be pretty painful night after a root canal is done but if all the nerves have been cleaned, it should feel better between in 24-48 hours.
* Avoid chewing any food on this side for a week. Hard foods should be avoided until a crown is placed on the tooth.
* If any unusual pain or swelling appears, please call or email our office.
* Estimate will be sent for a crown and once the tooth settles in a few weeks, the crown procedure should be started to prevent breakage of this tooth.


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