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Night Guard

Night Guard

Nightguard is an appliance which helps prevent damage to the teeth and to the jaw joint in people that grind their teeth at night. Typical symptoms of night-grinders are heavily worn down teeth and jaw pain in the morning.

If you have been prescribed a nightguard, an estimate will be sent to the insurance. During the first appointment, a mold of your upper/lower teeth and your bite will be taken and sent to the lab. Your nightguard should be ready to be picked up in a week. Following are some instructions to follow to care for your nightguard:

* Thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before wearing the appliance.
* Soften the appliance in hot tap water before placing in your mouth.
* Use your finger to place the appliance over your teeth.
* DO NOT eat or drink while the appliance is in place.
* In the morning, use your toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the appliance after removing it.
* The appliance may also be cleaned by soaking it in retainer cleaners such as Polident no more than once a month.
* Bring the appliance to all appointments (adjustments may be necessary).


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