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Flexible Financing Options For The Cosmetic Dental Procedures You Want And Need

Oral health is essential to your overall health, and while many cosmetic dental procedures are elective, sometimes they’re necessary to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

Most cosmetic dental procedures require a great deal of surgical expertise, which means they can end up being quite expensive. But, there are options available that limit the impact to your bank account while receiving the care and attention your teeth may need.

East River Dental offers a number of state-of-the-art cosmetic dental procedures using advanced technologies. We guarantee our procedures are minimally invasive, causing the least-amount of pain and deliver accelerated recovery times, helping our patients maintain optimal dental hygiene and achieve personal goals for the health and appearance of their teeth.

We’re happy to provide our patients with flexible payment options for cosmetic dental procedures, including financing tools and assignment from insurance companies. We’ve partnered with DentalCard to maximize value to our clients. This affordable financing option for elective cosmetic procedures is useful in cases where a patient may not be able to pay for the procedure immediately or if their insurance policy doesn’t cover the full cost of the procedure and they need to bridge the balance until a later date.

How DentalCard Works
Since 1996, DentalCard has been providing Canadians with a variety of dental finance programs, and is now offered at more than 10,000 medical, dental and veterinary offices across Canada.

DentalCard financing doesn’t require a down payment or collateral, provides competitive interest rates, there aren’t any early pay penalties and its approval rate is high.

Applying for financing is as simple, and completed through an online application. Applicants are also able to apply for only a portion of the cost of the procedure if necessary. In most cases, applications are approved quickly, sometimes even as you’re at your dentist office.

Financing terms range from 6 months to up to 6 years.

Determining Whether or Not You’ll Need Financing
If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, such as crowns or veneers, and are uncertain about the costs, East River Dental’s team of professionals will be happy to provide you with the information you need to make informed decision.

You will find out what the procedure involves, your dentist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan and outline the costs associated with having it performed.

You will then need to determine whether or not your insurance policy covers a portion or the entire procedure. If it only covers a portion, you’ll have to determine whether you can afford to pay the balance out of pocket or apply for financing through DentalCard.

The process is quick and easy, and delivers flexible financing options to make your decision an easier one.

Cosmetic Dentistry, The Simple And Affordable Way
We’re proud to offer a number of cosmetic dental procedures, including crowns, veneers and bridges, and provide our clients with flexible payment options that ensure they receive the care and attention they need, no matter their budget.

Need more information on our cosmetic dentistry services? Don’t hesitate to reach out today. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry here, or call us to see how we can help you at 905-895-8031.

Why East River Dental Care Trusts Straumann Dental Implants

Until the day comes where medical research advances to the point that humans can actually “grow” new teeth, dental implants will remain the best option to replace missing teeth.

At East River Dental Care, we have more than 30 years experience as a professional dental practice and take pride in using the most advanced and latest technologies to provide our clients with the highest-quality care. That’s why use the highest quality Straumann implants to perform tooth replacement procedures.

Keeping Our Patients Best Interests in Mind
The decision to replace a missing tooth with dental implants can be a hard choice to make, but they are almost always an excellent investment in your oral health. Implants are now the standard care for missing teeth, proven more effective than crown and bridge because they look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Dental implants also help to prevent bone loss and don’t require adjacent teeth to be ground down. Whether you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, Straumann dental implants are produced using state-of-the-art technology to provide you with a healthy, natural looking smile.

Not All Implants Are Created Equally
Straumann’s implants deliver some of the most advanced dental implant surfaces and high-performance implant materials on the market. The Roxolid implant is manufactured from Titanium-Zirconium, a metal alloy created specifically for dental implants.

The alloy is stronger and more resistant than pure titanium. It delivers high osteoconductivity and high mechanical strength. Because of its biomechanical implant design and size, Roxoloid implants helped 54% of patients in a clinical, non-interventional study avoid costly bone augmentation surgery.

The SLActive implant is also a popular choice among dentists, designed to bond faster with bone, reduce healing time and improve the predictability of implant treatment.

Straumann’s implants, which have shown a 98.8% survival rate in long-term clinical studies, help to prevent bone loss, avoid shifting teeth and changes in facial structure, while maintaining the health of your remaining natural teeth.

Less-Invasive Procedures
Our implant procedures are designed to be as least-invasive as possible, particularly procedures in compact spaces. Our Straumann implants deliver some of the most advanced dental implant surface and materials on the market to shorten treatment times.

All of our implant procedures are performed by our gum specialist, who has placed thousands of implants and has extensive experience. Once our gum specialist has identified the exact area for the implant, it is surgically inserted into the predetermined locations in the jawbone. This is a minor procedure that typically requires only local freezing to eliminate any pain, but we practice extreme precision to ensure an aesthetic outcome.

In many cases, we wait between 3 to 6 months before attaching a crown to allow your jawbone to develop an affinity with the metal alloy implant and ensure long-term durability. Once your gums heal, a permanent crown is fixed to the implant. Your dentist will determine whether the crown will be screwed or cemented in place depending on the type of implant used.

Quality Care Requires Quality Technologies
East River Dental prides itself on providing over 30 years of quality dental care. We’ve made a commitment to using the highest quality technologies to perform and compliment our dental care services. Don’t let the idea of a dental implant procedure overwhelm you: our high-tech Straumann implants and precision procedures help to prevent bone loss, maintain the health of your remaining natural teeth and give you a natural-looking smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Non-Dental Medical Issues Your Dentists Might Find Out

Regular oral care is essential for maintaining good overall health of your teeth. But something that you might not have an idea about is that your Newmarket dentist can see through non-dental medical conditions that are related to your mouth during an examination. These medical conditions that might get noticed during a dental checkup are diabetes, HIV, poor nutrition, infections, osteoporosis, and even oral cancer.


Diabetes: Some of the signs indicating diabetes might be loose teeth, bleeding gums, and dry mouth. Though bleeding gums aren’t just related to diabetes, they can also be a sign for gum diseases also called gingivitis. These signs might result in your Newmarket dentist suggesting visit to your physician.


Oral Cancer: Your Newmarket dentist will look for signs of oral cancer during examination. The presence of this condition is marked by appearance of red or white lesions in your mouth, tongue, or palate. Usually the chances of oral cancer can be aggravated if a person smokes or drinks regularly. Oral cancer screening might be carried out to validate the condition.


Poor Nutrition: Your mouth is the right place to find out about the eating disorders or improper nutrition. It is nearly impossible to hide eating disorders like bulimia from your Newmarket dentist as they can easily make out the condition from signs like dry mouth, erosion of surface of teeth, etc.


Therefore, keeping up with your dentist from time to time is not just good for your dental health but also for overall health in general.


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3 Things that Might be Hurting Your Teeth

Most of the common things that might be causing cavities or hurting your teeth are known, say for example sugar, soda, aerated drinks, chocolates, etc. We usually blame these food items for hurting our teeth. But there are many other factors that might be wrecking havoc to your teeth. These unexpected culprits damaging your oral health are as follows:


  1. Brushing your pearly whites too hard can be one of the major contributing factors for deteriorating oral health. Vigorous brushing can remove the enamel of your teeth and further irritate the gums. So as dentists in Newmarket recommend, it’s important to use a soft-bristled brush which do no cause any damage yet remove the dirt and plaque effectively.
  2. Crunching on ice can be one prominent reasons for that ache in your teeth. Extreme cold temperatures is the one reasons and munching that hard ice cube is the second. No wonder dentists in Newmarket suggest you to use a blender for crushing ice.
  3. Using your teeth as tools is another factor for aching teeth which you might not be aware about. From using your teeth as a bottle opener to ripping open the packets of chips and even breaking off that dress tag – we do it all in our daily lives. But as dentists in Newmarket say, teeth should be used for doing three main things- chewing food, smiling, and speaking properly. Such activities in a longer term can make your teeth extremely weak.

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For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.

Wine and Dental Health

We all have been told hundred times since childhood that sugary treats and caffeine do no good to our oral health. And guess what? Alcohol is just another addition to that list of things that might affect your teeth adversely. Even dentists in Newmarket have attested to the fact that wine does a great damage to our molars.


Why Wine Damages Your Teeth?


A lot of studies prove that wine isn’t bad for general health if consumed in moderation. But, it is not completely wrong that wine affects ones teeth. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Wine is acidic in nature and it has the capacity to erode the enamel of your tooth that also results in color change.
  2. Presence of chromosomes in red wine causes staining. These are basically pigments which when mixed with tannin’s get stuck on teeth and leave a reddish color.
  3. With age, our teeth begin to become weak as the microscopic cracks develop on the outer later. These further increase in size with time. So this means more stains and deteriorating oral health. At such point, professional whitening of teeth can be the best way to improve overall appearance of your teeth as suggested by Newmarket dentist.


Some preventive measures:


  1. It is best to avoid brushing teeth right after you have consumed wine. This is because acidic level of your mouth changes after drinking wine and brushing might just spread the acids more.
  2. Rinsing mouth with water can help remove chromosomes and that can reduce the chances of staining. Even the acidity levels go down.


If you are someone who loves wine and cannot live without it, make sure you visit your Newmarket dentist as frequently as possible.

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For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.

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