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7 Signs You Might Need Emergency Dental Care

Knowing what types of injuries require emergency dental care is critically important to the health of your and your family’s teeth. Accidents can happen any time, and some injuries may require immediate dental care. In some cases, waiting too long after an injury to your mouth or teeth to see a dentist can have severe consequences to the quality of your oral health and even bigger, more expensive dental emergencies later on.

Most common mouth injuries include cracked, broken or knocked out teeth, the result of biting into a piece of food that’s too hard, a sports-related injury or an unfortunate fall. Depending on the severity of the crack in your tooth, it might be necessary to seek out immediate emergency dental care, especially if the tooth is missing a large piece, is knocked out completely or has nerve damage.

But there are a number of other instances where emergency dental care might be necessary. Below, we’ve outlined 7 signs that your teeth might require immediate attention.

Are You Feeling Constant Pain?

Pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong. Similar to chronic pain elsewhere in the body, pain in your gums or teeth is a signal that you should seek out immediate dental care. Common causes include tooth decay, especially through the root of the tooth that’s made its way into your gums. In these cases, your dentist will likely suggest a root canal to remove the decay and alleviate any pain.

Do You Have a Loose Tooth?

Adults should never have to experience loose teeth. If any of your adult teeth are starting to feel loose, a few things could be at play. First, a loose tooth can indicate a tooth injury, which can be incredibly painful for some patients and in many cases requires immediate care. If you’ve been in a car accident or an unfortunate sport-related incident, you should visit a dentist immediately even if the tooth appears to be OK to assess if there’s been any nerve or jaw damage. If you have a loose tooth, it’s always better to be safe than sorry: visit a dentist immediately to assess any potential damage even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms related to infection or pain.

A loose tooth can also indicate a localized infection. Visiting a dentist immediately to identify the type of infection and necessary treatments is critical to ensuring the tooth heals properly and avoid any other issues related to the infection, which could spread throughout other parts of your body and keep the problem tooth from having to be extracted.

Is One of Your Teeth Cracked?

Fortunately, cracked teeth can be saved if they’re tended to quickly enough. It’s important that you see a dentist as soon as possible to assess any damage and prescribe a solution.

Do You Have a Constant Headache?

While dental issues aren’t the only reason you might be suffering from a constant headache, a tooth injury could be the cause. Your headache could be the result of tooth decay or tooth grinding while you sleep. You may also have an infection from previous dental work that will need to be diagnosed.

If you believe the cause of your headache might be the result of grinding your teeth throughout the night, which is known as bruxism, treatment might be as simple as wearing a mouthguard while you sleep. Speak to your dentist immediately if you’ve noticed that your teeth are showing signs of worn down enamel or sensitivity.

Is Your Jaw Swollen?

A swollen jaw can be caused by an infection or injury to the affected area. If the swollen jaw is coupled with a funny taste in your mouth or breathing difficulties, it’s best to seek out immediate dental care to diagnose the issue as quickly as possible.

Do Your Gums Bleed Regularly and Excessively?

While blood-stained floss isn’t necessary an emergency, regular bleeding from the gums often requires immediate attention and can indicate signs of early gum disease or gingivitis. Excessive and regular bleeding and aches are warning signs there’s an issue with your gums that needs tending to. Catching gum-related issues early is critical to keeping your gums and teeth healthy and intact, especially considering untreated symptoms can reach a point of no return and result in the loss of your teeth.

Does Your Mouth Taste Like Metal?

If so, a previous filling may have cracked or become loose. Seeking immediate care is important if you’ve noticed these symptoms because an open filling can become a cesspool for bacteria and result in new infections or cavities. Don’t leave these to chance: you’ll likely suffer from toothaches, cavities or, in extreme cases, a root canal. Your dentist will prescribe you with a new filling, clearing out any infection or bacteria left behind.

Don’t Wait to Call

Don’t wait until your next scheduled visit to your dentist if any of these issues arise. Doing so can have severe consequences to the overall quality of your oral health and cause more significant issues in the future. If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms outlined above, don’t hesitate to reach out to East River Dental at 289-301-5570.

Is it Necessary to Have an Emergency Dentist?

While many are satisfied with their regular dentists, a lot of people wonder why an emergency dentist in Newmarket is required at all. Every dentist possesses the minimum amount of expertise required when it comes to treating an oral emergency. However, there are still a number of reasons why an emergency dentist can be a lifesaver. Here are some:

  1. In a number of cases, an emergency dentist in Newmarket is required to treat cases where a patient is already undergoing an oral treatment. For example, a patient who is undergoing root canal therapy might sometimes experience extreme pain accompanied with bleeding in the gums. In such a condition, it is necessary that the patient visit a dentist immediately. However, due to an unavailability, among other reasons, if the operating endodontist is not available to treat the emergency, then an emergency dentist,who is trained specifically to treat dental emergencies, can come to the rescue.
  2. An emergency dentist in Newmarket is also a trusted medic when it comes to dental injuries. During a dental injury, especially one at occurs at hours when regular dental clinics are not operating, it can be quite tough to find a suitable medic who can provide first aid to the injured. In such a case, too, it is extremely helpful to have an emergency dentist at hand who can treat the injured person and ensure that any damage which needs to be followed up with an X-Ray is treated accordingly.
  3. Thirdly, but importantly, an emergency dentist in Newmarket can ensure that a person’s chipped or broken tooth, which might result due to an injury, is fixed as soon as possible. In some cases, it is possible to hinge the injured tooth back together, which is why it is recommended that the broken tooth be carried along to the dental clinic.

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Having an Emergency Dentist on Speed Dial Can Save You

While much has been written about why an emergency dentist is necessary, few people truly understand the importance of having an emergency dentist in Newmarket on speed dial. An emergency dentist is one who is available round the clock, or at least during night time, when regular dentists aren’t available, to treat dental emergencies. An emergency dentist is also trained to be quick of his feet and treat an injury or any such emergency so as to lessen the impact of the injury, and, if possible, restore the patient’s health back to normal.


Thus it is no surprise that an emergency dentist in Newmarket should be on everyone’s speed dial. Whether it is a minor bleeding, or a major injury, an emergency dentist is probably the best person to visit. There are also scenarios when a patient undergoing an oral treatment, like a root canal therapy, finds a sudden rupture in the gums, coupled with bleeding. In such cases, it is recommended that the patient visit an emergency dentist rather than waiting to book a regular appointment with a dentist.


It is always better, in some cases, to visit an emergency dentist rather than try to use home remedies to solve a problem:

  1. In case of any kind of bleeding that does not stop by itself, you must visit an emergency dentist in Newmarket at the earliest. While a minor bleeding might stop by itself is you rinse your mouth with saline solution, when the bleeding has a different source, like an infection, you must visit a dentist at the earliest.
  2. Secondly, and most importantly, when there has been an impactful injury that has left a tooth damaged, chipped or broken, or if it has led to a major injury to the gums or lips, a visit to the emergency dentist in Newmarket is necessary to ensure that the damage is superficial and can be stopped.

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Visiting an Emergency Dentist for Bleeding

One of the most common dental problems arise out of accidents and are unavoidable. However, bleeding and other effects of injuries to the teeth need to be examined immediately by a dentist, so that any discrepancy between the condition of teeth can be resolved and any problems arising out of the injury can be resolved.
Emergency dentists in Newmarket function for exactly this purpose. Their primary aim is to be available to people throughout the night and at hours when other dental offices might be shut. Since a dental emergency can occur at any time, an emergency dentist in Newmarket ensures that a trained and experienced dentist is always available to treat dental emergencies.
When visiting an emergency dentist in Newmarket, one of the most commonly reported symptoms is bleeding. The bleeding could be due to an injury, but it could also be due to an internal insidious problem, which could point to a larger problem at hand. Either way, it is absolutely necessary that one visit an emergency dentist in Newmarket if one’s teeth or gums are bleeding. The causes of this bleeding could be many-


  1. A forceful injury could cause incessant bleeding. If this bleeding is not stopped by an emergency dentist soon, the amount of blood loss could pose a bigger problem.
  2. Sometimes, bleeding in gums can be a symptom of an infected pulp or tooth. The bleeding is a sign that action needs to be taken to rectify a problem that could become more dangerous if left unheeded to. An emergency dentist in Newmarket not only treats the immediate problem at hand, but will also take up the problem further and resolve any underlying medical issues.

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Pro Tips on Finding the Best Emergency Dentist!

Have you just moved to a new area? Are you looking for an emergency dentist that is well reputed and can be trusted? Are you also worried about how you can find an emergency dentist in Newmarket without worrying yourself over?

If all these questions plague you, then you are right in your concern to find a good emergency dentist in your area. An emergency dentist in Newmarket is a must when it comes to finding good medical practitioners in your area. Emergency dental care is required in cases when a dental injury cannot be treated by regular dentists. This could happen due to the working hours, as it usually does, or because a regular dentist is located too far away, or is unavailable in treating a dental emergency as he is already busy with other appointments. However, in some cases, if a dental injury is not treated in time, or is treated with callousness, it might lead to bigger problems which are more complicated and require more time and money, and effort, to be resolved. Thus it is necessary that you acquaint yourself with a good emergency dentist in Newmarket as soon as possible in order to gain peace of mind when an emergency strikes.

In order to find the best emergency dentist around you, try the following:

  1. First, make a list of emergency dentist in Newmarket around you who fulfil the criteria that you have set. They should be located near you and should be easily accessible.
  2. Secondly, visit the clinic and acquaint yourself with the dentist and if necessary, share your medical record with the dentist. This will make it easy for you to be treated during an emergency.

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