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Why Invisalign Works

Invisalign has been known to work wonders for people who have protruding teeth and are in their twenties or beyond that. The problem it addresses is a simple one. Nobody wants their teeth to be misaligned and protruding. Teeth that are aligned in a straight line are attractive and desirable, not to forget, they might also defer a lot of dental problems. Thus Invisalign in Newmarket has kept teeth from being wayward, and has slowly brought millions of people the happiness of knowing that their teeth are in good condition.


  1. Invisalign in Newmarket works on a simple premise. It consists of a tray that is invisible and is made out of imperishable material. This tray is made according to the impression of a person’s teeth, so that the crevices between gums and teeth are well accounted for and the Invisalign that is made is comfortable yet effective. The Invisalign is worn over a slightly long duration, depending upon the amount of work that needs to be done. It is effective in pushing teeth back into their original straight position and ensuring that the person’s smile is healthy again.
  2. But what really sells Invisalign in Newmarket is the fact that it is absolutely transparent and can be worn without anyone getting the slightest hint. Unlike braces that use metal wires and rubber bands to push the teeth back into position, Invisalign is absolutely invisible and can be worn during the day, since it is so comfortable. What’s more, dentists in Newmarket do not recommend regular braces any more because of the kind of care that is required to look after them.

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Invisalign for Teens and Adults – Newmarket, Ontario

Invisalign aligners are meant both for teens and adults. These virtually invisible aligners wouldn’t interfere with the day to day lives of your younger ones and will ensure their bright smile all the time. No wonder Invisalign in Newmarket is such a rage!

InvisalignTreatment Newmarket

No Pain

Invisalign is preferred by Dentist in Newmarket over other options and braces because they are not only easily removable, but they are also pain less. It is one of the most popular teeth-straightening methods that uses a series of plastic trays to fill gaps between the teeth and straighten them. It is best for improving your smile in the most natural way!


Usually marked improvement in the appearance of mouth can be seen within 3-4 months. In some cases, however, the changes can be seen only within 6 months. If one wants to make sure that the results are long-lasting and permanent, it is important for them to wear retainers for a long period of time.

For the teens, there isn’t any other better option as with invisalign in Newmarket, they can go to school, college, dates, in fact anywhere they want fuss-free. No one will ever get to know about the invisalign aligners. You don’t even have to worry about eating popcorn’s or apples as they won’t get stuck in the aligners unlike braces. All you got to do is remove aligners before eating. Other than that, taking care of them is equally easy. You brush and floss them as you would do on your teeth. It’s that easy!

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Taking Your Kid to a Kids Dentist Office for Cavities

To the dismay of dentists around the world, most people live their lives oblivious of their deteriorating dental & gum health. The reason being that good oral habits are not instilled in them as kids, which leads to them severely neglecting their dental health throughout their lives. Thus taking your kid to a kids dentist office in Newmarket from a very young age is extremely important. Not only will this desensitize your kids and make them comfortable in front of a dentist in Newmarket from a very young age, but it will also make them conscious of their dental health from a young age and make them active in caring for their teeth.

When it comes to dental cavities, a lot of kids do have to visit a dentist office in Newmarket for having their cavities either filled or have the infected tooth extracted. This is because dental cavities occur mostly in teeth that are exposed to highly sugary foods, along with foods that are sticky and lodge themselves in between teeth and make it tough to be cleaned. Visiting a kids dentist office in Newmarket will give you a better idea as to how dental cavities work when it comes to kids, and what you can do to prevent them.

Here is a list of things you could consider when taking your kid to the kids dentist office in Newmarket for cavities:

1. Consider whether your child might need some time to adjust to being examined by a dentist at a kids dentist office in Newmarket. Especially when it comes to having cavities filled or removed, things can get shaky.

2. Ensure your child follows a better diet following the removal of cavities so as to prevent another formation of cavities in the future.

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Is Invisalign Safe?

Misaligned and protruding teeth, believe it or not, are one of the most common reasons for which people visit a dentist in Newmarket. Protruding teeth not only look strange, but they may also restrict the way for other teeth to grow and can cause problems in chewing later on. This is why dentists recommend getting misaligned teeth on the path to straightening them out immediately. Orthodontists often suggest that pre-adolescence and adolescence are the best time for this dental procedure.

However, it is not just the young who face this problem. Often times, and embarrassingly so, adults have to deal with protruding teeth which affects their overall confidence and self-esteem.

The answer to their problems? Invisalign.

Invisalign in Newmarket used a clear tray that is developed through an impression of the wearer’s mouth and positioning of teeth in it. It slowly adjusts the teeth back into position for a healthier, straighter smile.
However, a lot of people have their qualms about Invisalign. Is it safe, they ask? While safety is definitely an important issue in this regard, rest assured, Invisalign in Newmarket is absolutely safe and as effective, if not more, than regular braces which use metal and rubber to pull the teeth back into position.
Invisalign does not have any side effects. In fact, unlike with regular braces, Invisalign does not even require a few teeth to be pulled out before the procedure of straightening can be started.
Invisalign in Newmarket works invisibly and can be worn by anyone eligible for the procedure. It ensures a bright smile in no time, and without any possible dangers, as it does not require extra maintenance!

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Does Invisalign Require Tooth Extraction Beforehand?

Invisalign in Newmarket is taking the world of dentistry by storm. As far as orthodontists are concerned, they are more than willing to recommend this new solution to protruding teeth. Invisalign involves using a clear tray made of good quality medical grade plastic that hold the teeth back and slowly but surely put them back into shape. The plastic trays basically replace the age old braces made up of metal and rubber that are clearly visible and require a lot of attention by the wearer to ensure that their oral health remains in good condition.
Invisalign in Newmarket thus has become the more desirable option when it comes to fixing teeth that are protruding. Dentists in Newmarket says that since it is clear plastic, it does not show and can be easily worn and removed at the wearer’s convenience. Most adults prefer using Invisalign to correct teeth that grow out wayward and spoil a perfect smile.

  1. Since Invisalign in Newmarket uses a plastic tray to fix the teeth, it is moulded and made according to the impression of the wearer’s teeth. This is a more comfortable, acceptable and esthetic option for adults and teens.
  2. The Invisalign in Newmarket tray comes with power ridges and attachments which make wearing it much easier. This also ensures that an overbite or extreme pain, or any such complication can be fixed and it is convenient to do so.

For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.



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