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Invisalign Pain – What You Can Do to Cure it

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Invisalign Pain – What You Can Do to Cure it?

Invisalign Pain - What You Can Do to Cure it - East River Dental Care - Invisalign Newmarket

Does your Invisalign discomfort you? Do you feel a constant nagging pain while using your Invisalign? If you do, you don’t need to feel concerned because it is quite normal to experience a little uneasiness in the beginning of Invisalign treatment. But if the pain is extreme then you need to contact your Newmarket dentist.

Many people have reported a little discomfort while using the Invisalign for the very first time. Invisalign is used to maintain the alignment of the teeth. People use Invisalign when there are gaps between their teeth or when their teeth are not linear. Invisalign gradually adjusts the dislocated teeth in the proper position. It creates a pressure on the dislocated teeth and so the person is bound to feel the pain. The pain is not very high in degree but it is just slight uneasiness. If a person is experiencing unbearable pain then it is a dental emergency and the person requires an appointment with an emergency dentist Newmarket.

The following measures can be taken to deal with Invisalign pain.

Frequent usage: You should not remove your Invisalign more frequently even if it cause some discomfort because it takes time to make your teeth adaptable to the aligners and once it is done, the pain will go away.

Cold packs: If the soreness of your teeth keeps on increasing then it is recommended to use cold compressors. Drinking cold water will also help.

Switch the Invisalign at night: New aligners cause more pain. If you are switching on to new Invisalign, do it at night because while sleeping a person is unconscious enough that he is not able to feel the slight pain.

Medications: Ask you Newmarket dentist for a prescription of painkillers.

Soft foods: Eating hard foods can lead to sore gums; try eating soft foods if your teeth and gums feel tender.

You don’t need to mull over slight pain but if the pain becomes terrible then immediately rush for a dental appointment. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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