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New Revolutions in Dentistry

New Revolutions in Dentistry - East River Dental Care - Dentist Newmarket

Medical science is making advancements in every field. Orthodontic science has also undergone many revolutions. New technologies have been introduced. Have you enquired your Newmarket dentist about these innovations? Some of these technologies are as follows:

VELscope It is the newest addition to the novelties in dentistry. It is a kind of light that is used by dentist in oral screening of the mouth. This light detects oral diseases and even cancers.

Invisalign Invisalign is a newer version of transparent braces. It is a set of clear trays that needs to be inserted on teeth for maintaining their alignment. It is less cumbersome as compared to dental braces. Contact your dentist for getting Invisalign Newmarket.

Laser Laser is used to simplify various dental procedures like reducing sensitivity, filling cavities and dental clean-up. Lasers also terminate bacteria in our mouth.

HealOzone It is a painless way of dealing with tooth decay. The o3 in heal ozone kills the bacteria, stopping the tooth decay.

DIAGNOdent It is a new technology that finds out the cavities hidden in the intricate places where dentist are not able to reach. It detects early signs of tooth damage.

Intraoral camera this camera takes the shots of mouth from inside so that the dentist can get a look into the whole mouth of the patient without much difficulty.

Digital X-rays Digital X-rays are free of obscurities. It creates a clearer picture of teeth than traditional X- rays. Dentists can even zoom in to the image to have a closer look.

By using these latest innovations the dentist Newmarket can solve your problems more effectively. If you have an issue, don’t wait and visit your dentist immediately. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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