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How to Narrow Down a Child-Friendly Dentist Office in Newmarket?

If you’ve recently moved to a new area, or have welcomed a new member in your family, or whether you think your child needs a new dentist, you are going to have a tough time narrowing down the best Kid’s dentist office in Newmarket. The reasons for this are simple, yet often neglected- kids need a specially trained dentist, who is better equipped to take care of the oral health of a child.  So if you are looking for guidelines on how to narrow it down to the perfect child-friendly dentist’s office, read on for some handy pro tips!


  1. Ensure that the childrens dentist’s office is located in your area. This is because children are prone to injury and also because the primary teeth are softer and more susceptible to denting and breaking due to an injury. Thus, for emergencies, your dentist office in Newmarket should be located at a convenient distance.


  1. Look out for a dentist who has experience treating children. Primary teeth are delicate and need care by an experienced dentist in Newmarket who knows how to deal not only with children’s milk teeth, but also with the kids themselves! Look for a child friendly waiting room- are there video games available in the waiting room. A treasure box is another sign that the office is child-friendly. A good kids dentist office in Newmarket is usually a welcoming and relaxing environment.

For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.



Get Shinier and Whiter Teeth in Newmarket!

A common problem with our teeth is that most of us don’t clean them properly, and even if we do, we don’t know the proper technique of doing so, which results in plaque and other germs which make the teeth look yellowish and we are hardly able to smile properly in front of anyone. Science has a solution for everything, and tooth whitening is a quite a common process which makes your teeth look shinier and whiter than ever. Teeth whitening is a process that can be done both at home and by professional but the teeth whitening Newmarket dentists ensure a healthy and quick procedure.

Home remedies include teeth whitening toothpaste, creams and kits which ensure easy and at your leisure treatment of dirty and yellow teeth. The general substance that helps in whitening the teeth in these products is bleach which also causes tooth sensitivity in some cases. Also sometimes the substance in the kit can cause burned or bleached gums. But do not worry; there is a solution to that, professional teeth whitening Newmarket providers use scientific procedures so that there is no harm to your teeth after the cleaning procedure. A 30-60 minutes procedure at the clinic could get your teeth three to seven shades brighter than before which would usually take months when using home remedies. This treatment also contains bleach but it is used with care at the hands of professionals.

Tooth whitening is an easy and quick process, but you need to be careful about the process you choose, some of them damage the enamel and in turn damage the natural teeth, it is better to consult with a professional teeth whitening Newmarket dentist before going ahead with any kind of cosmetic method of whitening like kits, gels or toothpaste. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.

Root Canal Procedures ensure Healthy Teeth in Hours

Sometimes it is not enough even if we take precautions  root canal has become a common process nowadays. The disorders in the nerve of the tooth leads to what we need root canal for; it is essentially a cure so that you don’t have to face the pain and irritation that intensifies with the growing disorders. Earlier the tooth with the infected nerve had to be removed, but thanks to the ever progressive science, now your teeth is not removed but repaired in a way so that it can function better. The service is provided by root canal Newmarket dentist who assures healthy teeth after the procedure.

When do you need Root canal?

The teeth are known to be the hardest substance, but the inside of teeth is not that hard, the soft tissue called the pulp which is covered by the white enamel and dentin. The main function of this pulp is during the development stage when it helps the teeth grow the foundation or the root, other than that it contains nerves, connective tissue, etc. When this pulp or a part of it is damaged, it creates problems like toothache and sensitivity, which is when a root canal therapy is suggested. Root canal Newmarket endodontists provide this service which can cure the problems in a few hours.

How does it work?

The endodontists uses local anaesthesia on the affected tooth and makes an incision on the tooth. Small instruments especially made for the procedure are put in use for cleaning the damaged pulp and affected area and then is used to create a gap for the filling. After this procedure is complete, the space is filled with biocompatible material with the help of adhesive to safeguard the entire sealing of the hole. Sometimes this filling is permanent, but in most cases the filling is temporary and is removed by the concerned doctor once the tooth gets recovered.

Root canal Newmarket dentists generally advise to keep oral hygiene after the procedure to ensure quick recovery. Visit a dentist regularly and avoid chewing on hard foods to ensure a proper restoration of the tooth where the root canal is performed. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.

How to Care for your Treated Tooth

Millions of smiles are being redeemed every year through root canal Newmarket procedures. Damaged or inflamed pulp maybe a result of blunt force trauma, severe decay or chipped or broken tooth, this treatment effectively takes care of it all. However, according to dental office Newmarket, post treatment care is highly imperative for its long term success. Continue reading “How to Care for your Treated Tooth”

Root Canal Treatment

Gone are the days, when having severe tooth decay meant losing your precious teeth, not to mention the painful procedure of extracting a tooth and the void left after the removal that makes eating difficult, thereby necessitating an artificial tooth replacement. The artificial tooth in turn posed further difficulties of maintenance, hygiene and strain. Modern improvements brought the ground-breaking Root Canal Treatment that changed the face of dental care forever. Dental office offers world class root canal treatment facilities that seek to safeguard your natural teeth for a lifetime. Continue reading “Root Canal Treatment”

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