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Teeth Whitening: The Darker Side

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Teeth Whitening: The Darker Side

Teeth Whitening The Darker Side - East River Dental Care - Tooth Whitening Newmarket

Everyone is striving to have white and dazzling teeth. People follow so many routine practices to keep their teeth healthy and for the same they go for teeth whitening. But what they don’t consider is the downside of teeth whitening? Have you ever asked your dentist Newmarket about the cons of teeth whitening methods?

As it is proclaimed that every coin has two faces, similarly there is a downside to teeth whitening too. Some of these harmful practices are as follows:

Dental clean-up: It is a common practice amongst people to visit the dentist Newmarket regularly to get a dental clean-up. Dental clean-up comprises of using dental tools for cleaning up the collected tartar on our teeth. But have you wondered what possible damage it can cause? The continued practice of getting your teeth cleaned – up can wear away your enamel with time. Once the enamel wears away the underlying layer called dentin is exposed, which is much yellower in color. Furthermore, dental clean-ups do not create long-lasting effects. You have to take regular appointments for teeth whitening which can be expensive for your pockets and time too.

Whitening products: There are several whitening products available in the market which includes whitening kits, gels, creams, toothpaste, mouthwash and whitening strips. Most of these products contain some amount of bleach which whitens up our teeth, but do you know that bleach can be harmful for our teeth? Bleaching can cause great harm when done without expert guidance. It can cause severe burns too. A person can end up swallowing some bleach product which can make him ill. Bleaching products available for teeth whitening are to be used under expert supervision.

If you want your teeth to look pearly white, resort to the much safer ways which include healthy diets, visit to dentist, and regular care. For more information about teeth whitening Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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