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How To Get Whiter Teeth?

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How To Get Whiter Teeth?

How To Get Whiter Teeth - East River Dental Care - Teeth Whitening Newmarket - Canada

Everyone wishes to have sparkling white and bright teeth. But have you ever noticed that the lustre of your teeth loss as you grow up? The reason behind this is that the whiter layer of the teeth called enamel wears away as we grow up and the yellowish layer called dentin is exposed which makes our teeth look yellow. Have you consulted your dentist Newmarket for teeth whitening?

But in order to maintain our pearly whites we can switch to following solutions:

>> Whitening Products: There are a lot of whitening products available in the market like toothpaste, creams, kits, strips and rinses. All these products have mild bleach that whiten up the teeth.

>> Home Remedies there are particular home remedies for teeth whitening. Some foods increase saliva secretions which wash away our teeth and make them white. Such foods include apples, pears, carrots, and celery. Baking soda is considered as an important element for teeth whitening.

>> Dental Work: getting dental clean up done regularly also impedes the yellowing of tooth. Dental clean-up is done by dentists for teeth whitening Newmarket.

>> Avoid Foods The Cause Yellowing: Beverages like tea, coffee and cold drinks cause stains on teeth. These stains get deeper and start discolouring the teeth.

>> Avoid smoking: smoking is also one of the major causes for discoloration of teeth. The smoke emitted while smoking is what causes yellowing.

>> Daily cleanliness: the most obvious thing is maintaining daily cleanliness like brushing twice a day, using a mouth wash quite frequently and don’t forget flossing your teeth regularly.

Whiter teeth not only make your smile look beautiful but also enhance your personality and booms up your confidence. You don’t need to shy away from putting up a full-teethed smile in front of people. Furthermore, they are good for oral health also. Consult your Newmarket dentist for getting pearly white teeth and for more information on oral care visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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