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Does Invisalign Hurt a Lot?

A lot of people, while opting to get their teeth straightened out by an orthodontist, are confused as to whether invisalign in Newmarket is a better option than regular braces or not. A number of common factors come up to measure which of the two options is better- visibility, pain, duration, effectiveness etc, among other things. But when it comes to pain, there is a certain threshold beyond which people are understandably not willing to go. This is where Invisalign comes in. To be sure, invisalign in Newmarket is not, in any way, completely pain-free. As is the natural course of correcting one’s teeth, the process is bound to be painful. But the degree of pain can vary from very little, to extremely painful.

1.The reason that invisalign in Newmarket is preferred over regular braces which use metal and rubber bands is that it does not show and can thus be worn without any fear of damaging one’s confidence. Also, according to dentists in Newmarket, Invisalign is relatively easier to wear and remove and does not demand all the extra attention and care that regular braces do.

2.As far as pain is concerned, invisalign in Newmarket only hurts for most people in the initial days of having the aligner trays adjusted to one’s set of teeth. This means that once the aligner trays are well adjusted, the pain subsides. If any, there is discomfort due to the soreness that comes from having the teeth being pushed into position.

Thus invisalign in Newmarket is a more comfortable option for those wishing to set their teeth straight!

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