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Non-Dental Medical Issues Your Dentists Might Find Out

Regular oral care is essential for maintaining good overall health of your teeth. But something that you might not have an idea about is that your Newmarket dentist can see through non-dental medical conditions that are related to your mouth during an examination. These medical conditions that might get noticed during a dental checkup are diabetes, HIV, poor nutrition, infections, osteoporosis, and even oral cancer.


Diabetes: Some of the signs indicating diabetes might be loose teeth, bleeding gums, and dry mouth. Though bleeding gums aren’t just related to diabetes, they can also be a sign for gum diseases also called gingivitis. These signs might result in your Newmarket dentist suggesting visit to your physician.


Oral Cancer: Your Newmarket dentist will look for signs of oral cancer during examination. The presence of this condition is marked by appearance of red or white lesions in your mouth, tongue, or palate. Usually the chances of oral cancer can be aggravated if a person smokes or drinks regularly. Oral cancer screening might be carried out to validate the condition.


Poor Nutrition: Your mouth is the right place to find out about the eating disorders or improper nutrition. It is nearly impossible to hide eating disorders like bulimia from your Newmarket dentist as they can easily make out the condition from signs like dry mouth, erosion of surface of teeth, etc.


Therefore, keeping up with your dentist from time to time is not just good for your dental health but also for overall health in general.


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Best Oral Surgery at Newmarket Dental Clinic

None of us like the dental pains and discomforts & thus prefer to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep a good oral health. But many a time the circumstances do not favor us and in spite of our daily cleaning, flossing and healthy habits, a major dental problem may arise. There might be situations that demand oral surgery for the improvement of your oral health. With the well-equipped and experienced Dentists in Newmarket, you can now be assured of a painless and smooth surgery. So, whether it’s a facial or jaw injury, painful wisdom teeth or to install dental implants, Newmarket Dental Clinic has the solution to every dental issue.

Many patients blindly go for the dental surgeries without prior knowledge about its consequences. But the dental experts at Dentist Office Newmarket always keep you informed of everything regarding the surgery, which helps them in easing the process. Dentists in Newmarket start the overall process with a proper examination. Technologically improved minimal radiation digital dental x-rays and intraoral cameras help the dentists to take the prior impression depending on the surgery. Thus the Newmarket Dentist recommends bringing all the information that you have including your previous x-rays, scans and other medical reports to smoothen the entire procedure. Prior to the surgery follow the prescription recommended by the dental surgeon. The Dentists in Newmarket ask the patients not have any food before the surgery. Do not worry; the experienced Newmarket Dentist will guide you exactly about the pre-medications and procedures.

It’s true that the dental surgeries are somewhat painful. But, this pain and discomfort are temporary. If you take proper medications and follow the instructions by the Newmarket Dentist, you will feel tenderness in your mouth after a few days of surgery. If you feel any discomfort or any side-effect, inform the Dentists in Newmarket immediately. After the surgery, avoid heavy works as your body needs rest. To reduce or to avoid swelling and bleeding apply ice packs and prop your head with pillows while sleeping. Follow the diet prescribed the Dentists in Newmarket as long as you are experiencing pain and bleeding. Strict yourself to liquid foods and avoid having hard and hot foods after the surgery. After 48 hours of dental surgery, the wound starts healing and to promote that have foods rich in Vitamin- A and C. Don’t go for brushing or flossing until the doctor confirms. Follow the recommendations by the Dentists in Newmarket and obtain a better oral health.

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Questions to Ask to a Dentist

Whether you are visiting a Newmarket dentist for a regular, routine checkup or for a specific treatment you are undergoing for a dental ailment, there are always bound to be questions that might plague you. These could have to do with the treatment you are undergoing, or could be more specific and might relate to your overall oral hygiene.
Since a dentist is trained to treat oral problems and ensure that their patient’s dental health is in good condition, it is pertinent that you ask your Newmarket dentist any questions you might have.

Having a good rapport with your dentist is ideal as it allows you to be at ease while you are being treated, and it also allows you to talk freely to your dentist.
Here are some things you might consider asking your Newmarket dentist when you visit a dental clinic for a checkup:

  1. What Kind of Precautions Do I Need to Take?
    Especially when the checkup is related to an oral health problem, it is important that you are clear on exactly how you need to care for your teeth. Ask your dentistwhether there are any precautions you need to take, or any oral habits you need to imbibe to improve your health.
  2. What Do I Need to do After this Session?
    Once your check up is complete, there might be some food items you need to avoid. Be open and clear when consulting your Newmarket dentist about the same, as it could dictate the effects of the checkup.

Do I Need to Look Out for Any Signs?

In case your oral health is causing any problems, it is important that you be vary about the signs and symptoms to look out for. From sore gums to bleeding, these could be indicators of something being wrong.


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Make Your Next Visit to the Dentist a Smooth Ride

Visiting a dentist in Newmarket has to be one of the most important factors that account for a person’s overall health. It is not without reason that most dentists recommend a visit to the dentist every four to six months, for regular people. For those who are undergoing a medical condition, or are following up a dental procedure, the visitation must be more regular, in accordance with what the dentist recommends.
Apart from that, it is a must to visit a dentist regularly for cleanings and to ensure that the condition of one’s teeth is on the right track. However, visiting a dentist in Newmarket, for some people, comes with it’s own banes. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety do not like visiting a dentist, while a lot of people might just be lazy and prefer to suffer in silence as opposed to visiting a dentist.


This is why it is necessary that some easy steps be taken to ensure that a visit to the dentist in Newmarket is smooth and hassle free for just about anyone, and there are some things that one can do to make a visit to the dentist a successful one.


  1. The first and foremost step is to make sure that the appointment is booked and confirmed. This is especially important for people who might be anxious for a visit, as it would help alleviate the anxiety of having to go through unnecessary hassles which make the process more tedious.
  2. It is also advised to familiarize oneself with the dentist in Newmarket, and inform the dentist about one’s anxiety so that the dentist is better equipped to treat the patient.

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Home Remedies for Root Canal Pain

According to estimates, root canal in Newmarket is one of the most popular treatments for which people visit dentists these days. A root canal treatment is required when the pulp of a tooth has been infected and the tooth needs to be saved by the dentist in Newmarket. In most cases, after a root canal treatment has been successfully performed, the tooth does not go back to the infected state and is perfectly fine. This is why it is so important, and indeed, recommended by every endodontist, that you get a root canal treatment is you have to.

However, if there are reasons due to which you cannot visit a dentist for a root canal in Newmarket, like if you suffer from severe stress, then it makes sense to look for temporary remedies for the pain. These home remedies are only temporary, however, and will only try to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused due to the infection. It is in no way an alternative to getting a root canal treatment.

1. Ice Pack                                                                                                 
Applying an ice pack to the infected area can be of huge help, since ice helps to soothe and calm down the nerves. It also helps reduce inflammation and can be a huge factor in providing temporary relief. This is a good remedy for the times when you can’t get a root canal in Newmarket, for example when you are travelling.

2. Salt Water                                                                                            
Using some lukewarm salt water can also help reduce the pain and swelling before getting a root canal dentist in Newmarket. Gargle with warm water containing a tablespoon of salt and you should feel the difference.

For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.

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