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Plan Your Next Visit to the Dentist’s Office

For those of us who work full time, it is often a dream to be able to afford a luxurious splurge on self-care. Apart from the occasional visits to the spa, we often cannot spare time to sit back and relax. However, it must be noted that visits to the dentist office in Newmarket are absolutely necessary for every person and are conducive to good oral health. A visit to the dentist office in Newmarket every few months is an absolute must, and every person owes it to their own self.

When it comes to visiting a dentist office, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. For example, it is necessary to think about costs and insurance before visiting the dentist office. Here is a quick list of the basic things you need to have covered before making a visit to a dentist in Newmarket. Ensure that you go over these quick tips in order to make your visit a successful one:

  1.  Get yourself an appointment!
    This is the first and foremost step towards good oral health! Ensure that the dentist office in Newmarket that you book yourself an appointment with works on timings that work for you. Especially for those who run on tight schedules, this one is necessary
  2. Compile your previous medical/dental records
    It is a good idea to compile your dental records in one place, possibly in a folder, so that you can present to the dentist in Newmarket with every detail of your medical past. You might also verbally let the dentist know of any medical /dental issues you haveFor more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.


Why Go For a Teeth Whitening Treatment?

A teeth whitening treatment is all the rage these days, and there is no surprise as to why a bright, shining smile is known to enhance a person’s self esteem and is one great factor in boosting their self image. A clean, white set of teeth indicate not only good oral and gum health but also that a person takes time out to ensure that they are well maintained and presentable.

Thus teeth whitening in Newmarket has gained massive popularity among every group of people. Anyone who prefers a set of white pearly teeth over dull, yellowing ones is known to be an ardent follower of trends in teeth whitening in Newmarket, which include some slightly effective home remedies like:

1.        Lime Juice
While lime juice is definitely known for its teeth whitening properties, it is not advised that it be used to enhance the natural whiteness of one’s teeth. According to the dentist in Newmarket lime juice is highly acidic, which is abrasive to the enamel of the tooth. A damaged enamel can lead to extreme sensitivity and can lead to further yellowing of the tooth in the future.

2.        Charcoal
Again, another effective home remedy. However the problem with this is that most charcoal that is available in the market and is sold as a whitener is usually not pure charcoal and is mixed with harmful chemicals which can damage the tooth.

Thus, while home remedies can help provide a temporary shine, it is advisable to visit dentist office in Newmarket for teeth whitening for those who would like permanent results without being exposed to harmful chemicals known to damage the sensitivity of a tooth.

For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.


Is A Kids Dentist Your Safest Bet?

If you are a young parent with a child who is just beginning to require a dentist, then it might help for you to start reading up about pediatric dentistry, and how and when you can start taking your child to a kids dentist in Newmarket.

Not only does a child with a dental problem, like a dental cavity or teething issues need to visit a kids dentist in Newmarket, but so does every child. Dentist offices in Newmarket are equipped with the knowledge and care of children’s teeth and gums, which are softer and more delicate, hence which require extra special care. It is important for a child to develop healthy oral habits which reduce the risk of oral complications and poor gum health like the formation of bacteria in one’s teeth, which is caused mostly due to neglect.

A kids dentist in Newmarket is usually the safest bet for you to take your child to. The reasons are several, and some obvious.
1. A kids dentist in Newmarket will be more experienced with the complications that kids can face with regard to oral health. These include, but are not limited to, problems like thumb sucking, tooth decay and cavities and early tooth loss.
2. A kids dentist in Newmarket will also be more experienced with kids, which means that he/she will know how to treat a kid who harbours a fear of dentists and the instruments that surround the dentist’s chair. A dentist in Newmarket is also more patient with kids and is required to be conducive to a successful session.

For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.

Are All Dentists the Same?

If you are beginning to take care of your oral health anew, or if you are just curious regarding dentistry, there is one question that you might be flustered with- are all dentists the same? Dentists in Newmarket are an integral part of taking care of one’s health, as they ensure that one’s oral health is kept in good condition and any problems within the ambit of dentistry can be tackled without any hassles. Thus dentist office in Newmarket must be visited regularly, not only to get adequate treatment in case of dental problems but also to get a regular check-up that will ensure that any dental problems can be foreseen and tackled well in time to avoid complications. So whether it is your kid you need to have shown to the dentist or an old relative, here are the three basic kinds of dentists for all age groups!

  1. When it comes to regular dental check-ups, you may visit a general dentist. General dentists are highly trained dentists in Newmarket who can determine the kind of problem you might be facing and how to mitigate the same. A general dentist is also trained to conduct regular checkups and ensure that everything is well when it comes to a person’s oral health!
  2. Pediatric or Kids dentists in Newmarket are especially trained to treat children’s teeth. Since kids have more delicate teeth and gums they do require special care when it comes to their oral health. Thus a pediatric dentist is a good idea to have your kid shown to.3. A geriodontist, also called a geriatric dentist, looks after maintaining the good oral health of the aged. As with children, old people also have delicate oral systems which need special care.

For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.



What To Eat And What Not To Eat After a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is performed by a dentist in Newmarket when the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, and the tooth has to be saved by removing the infected pulp and replacing it with healthy pulp. The process requires an endodontist to assess the situation of the tooth, and thereby go on to perform the treatment. The first signs of an infected pulp in a tooth is usually extreme pain and sensitivity, especially when eating or drinking something hot or cold. Thus food is one of the most obvious tellers of a dental problem that needs to be treated.

After a root canal in Newmarket is performed in a dentist office in Newmarket, however, there are certain restrictions that one needs to follow.These include, but are not limited to the intake of food. The reason for this is that some kinds of foods, like those that are too strong, and those that require a lot of chewing.

The idea is to help the sensitive tooth that has undergone the root canal treatment to recover at it’s own pace, without hindering the process by eating something that is so hard that it can injure your tooth.

Here are some things you should keep in mind after a root canal treatment:

  1. Do not eat anything too hard or chewy, or even crunchy, like chocolates and cereal, as it might be abrasive to your tooth after a root canal treatment. It is advised that you eat fresh foods, while sticking to the rule of thumb- nothing too hard.
  2. Do not consume alcohol, as it can lead to excessive bleeding.
  3. Spicy and hot foods should also be avoided, as it can cause discomfort and sensitivity.
    Instead, milkshakes, smoothies, and bananas are great foods to have, as they are soothing, filling, and cannot harm the numb, sensitive tooth.

For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.

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