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How To Clean Invisalign Braces

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How To Clean Invisalign Braces?

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Invisalign is great when it comes to straightening your misaligned teeth without drawing unnecessary attention of the people around. If you are already wearing Invisalign then you have spent a good amount on your smile. Other than that, you will also have to spend on cleaning the braces and maintaining them for a long time. In order to keep your braces odor-free and hygienic, it is important to clean the Invisalign braces properly. Check some easy ways in which braces can be cleaned without denting the wallet.

– A fuss-free cleaning process of Invisalign braces begins with buying a denture cleaning product that can soak dentures completely. You can refer your dentist in Newmarket or search online for the products have offer favorable results with Invisalign braces.
– One tablet of denture cleaner is enough to soak the aligners for proper cleaning. Do this for an hour – once in the morning and once in the evening. Choose to soak the dentures during your mealtimes as then you will obviously remove the aligners.
– Properly see the aligners and check for etching. In case you notice any damage to the aligners, just stop using the cleaner. Some cleaners might cause cloudiness and etching, so you need to consistently check the dentures for any wear and tear.
– You may use baking soda for cleaning your Invisalign braces. All you need to do is mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water and put your aligners in the solution for an hour, once a day. Again, choose to do this during your lunch or dinner time.
– A child’s toothbrush with soft bristles would be just perfect for removing any particles zapped between the braces. Rinse the braces thoroughly for cleaning.

It would be best to check with your Newmarket dentist before you start with the cleaning process of Invisaligns. For more information, you can visit, or call at 905-895-8031.


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