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What To Expect During A Root Canal Procedure

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What To Expect During A Root Canal Procedure?

What To Expect During A Root Canal Procedure - Root Canal Newmarket - East River Dental Care - Newmarket Dentist

Has your endodontist told you that your tooth has become badly decayed and needs a root canal treatment in Newmarket? Those who don’t know, root canal is a dental procedure that is intended to save the severely decayed tooth. Some common reasons why you need a root canal are as follows:

  • Abscessed teeth due to decay
  • Tooth decay occurs in the tooth and reaches the dentin through the enamel finally into the pulp.
  • Exposure of the nerves due to chipping or breaking of the tooth.
  • Slow decay of the tooth because of trauma in the past or just aging.

How Is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

A root canal surgery might take more than one visit to the endodontist. It generally begins by the dentist numbing your tooth that needs root canal by giving local anesthesia. A rubber dam (a piece of plastic for separating the tooth from rest of the mouth) is often used to keep the tooth area free from saliva. Then a small hole will be drilled in the tooth specifically in the area called pulp chamber. The dentist will then use tiny files meant for removing the infected nerves and tissues. They will make sure that the entire nerve is taken out so as to prevent toothaches in future. Once the tooth is clean, the dentist dries it using absorbent paper points. In the final stage, guttapercha (rubber filling material) is used to seal the filling and keep the tooth in place.

Recovering From The Surgery

Once local anesthesia gets worn off, some people might experience soreness in the tooth due to root canal procedure in Newmarket. Typically, dentists may suggest some pain reliving medications to deal with the discomfort. To know more about Newmarket Dentist who can help you with your root canal surgery, visit or call on 905-895-8031 immediately.



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