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All You Want To Know About Single Visit For Root Canal Newmarket

A lot of medical advancement has been done in the dental medical field that has made the dental and oral treatment procedures less painful and has also reduced the time for treatment significantly. Root Canal Therapy has always been referred as the most painful and longest going dental treatment that can take even months and several sittings to cure completely.

But the latest treatments and use of advanced methods that use various digital tools like RVG digital x-ray, Apex Pulp Locator, Rotary Protaper Endo hand piece, etc. have made root canal Newmarket a single sitting procedure. This particular root canal procedure comes with a host of benefits for the patient that primarily includes no multiple visits to the dentist, painless treatment, affordable, takes less time, less traumatic for the patient. However, this kind of treatment is recommended to the patients suffering from following situations:
• When the patient is in too much pain and swelling is too much
• You have traumatized dental and oral care history
• You have highly sensitive teeth that have made even eating and drinking hot or cold eatables difficult for you

The single visit root canal Newmarket is done by a qualified and much experienced dentist only. He will begin the procedure with X-ray of root canal to identify the exact location of infection. Then he will numb the area using local anesthesia and then will drill a hole in the patient’s tooth to access the affected area. Once done, he will carefully remove the affected nerve tissue and pulp from the area and finishes the procedure by cleaning the inside of the tooth.
Once cleaning is done, then the drilled area will be sealed with Obturation Gutta-Percha Points material followed by the permanent cavity filling. The procedure is fast as compared to your regular root canal and can be performed in a single sitting that will last for 1 to 2 hours.For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


Treatment and Prevention of Sensitive Teeth

The sharp twanging pain in your teeth every time you eat or drink inhibits your everyday activities. Sensitivity can be mild or severe depending on the extent of damage and must be tended in order to ease the discomfort. The various dental clinic Newmarket are adept in treating sensitive teeth and also diligently make patients aware of the various preventive measures that they can take to avoid sensitivity.

Treatment of sensitive teeth:

The treatment of sensitive teeth at a dental clinic Newmarket primarily begins with a detailed examination of the tooth that helps the dentist to determine a treatment plan. If the damage to the enamel is not so severe, de-sensitising products are used by dentists in Newmarket to soothe the twanging. A gel or a mouth wash rich in fluoride is applied to the affected area to calm the nerves. In case of severe damage like a chipped or broken tooth, a damaged filling that exposes a deep cavity or severe abrasion near the neck of the tooth dentists in Newmarket resort to sealing, restorative filling and even bonding. In case a tooth is severely inflamed, a root canal procedure is recommended by dental clinic Newmarket.

Preventive measures:

Proper dental hygiene protects our teeth from corrosive bacteria and plaque, which damage the enamel. Dentists in Newmarket recommend brushing and flossing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. They also emphasise the appropriate technique of brushing as it saves the teeth from wear. Small circular motions while brushing is the right method, as it do not damage the enamel. Moreover, the timing is also important as some food tend to soften the enamel, which gets brushed off when we brush our teeth immediately after eating. Therefore, there should be at least a one hour gap between eating and brushing. Acidic food and drinks should be avoided.

For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.

Things You Should Know About Root Canal

Root canal procedure is a popular and highly successful one, with a 95% success rate. Almost all teeth fixed using root canal Newmarket last a lifetime, though exceptions are always there. There are some common signs which signal towards the need for a root canal therapy, which have been discussed below: Continue reading “Things You Should Know About Root Canal”

Need For Dental Care During Cancer Treatment

Blood cancer or bone marrow cancer treatment can bring about a lot of changes in your body tissues, which also includes your mouth. Whether a patient is getting radiation therapy or chemotherapy, he is most likely to face complications which can result in bigger issues in the longer run, especially without treatment. It is therefore important for a person seeking cancer treatment to get in touch with a dentist Newmarket and seek proper help along with cancer care. Continue reading “Need For Dental Care During Cancer Treatment”

Significance Of Dental Visits For Toddlers

Reena, an old accountant had a really tough time when her little daughter Sarah, fell ill for days. She had high fever and even after repeated visits to the pediatrician her body temperature was not coming down to normal. Some days later Reena noticed that the girl had a slight swelling on her right cheek and she was immediately taken to the Kids dentist Newmarket. The poor baby was diagnosed with a tooth infection. Being a mother it was very cumbersome for a mother to see her baby endure such a pain and illness for so long. As she was only two years old, she couldn’t even tell her problem to her mother. From that day she decided to get Sarah’s dental check – ups regularly. Continue reading “Significance Of Dental Visits For Toddlers”

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