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Know Everything About Dentophobia

Know Everything About Dentophobia - Dental Fear - East River Dental Care - Newmarket - Ontario - Canada

Dentophobia, a fear of people who provide dental care, is incredibly common. Around 75% of Americans experience some sort of discomfort and fear when it comes to visiting a dentist in Newmarket or elsewhere. Such people experience anxiety so strongly that they refrain from visiting the dentist, which proves damaging to the dental health.

Types Of Dentophobia

People suffering from dentophobia don’t just have the intense fear of the dentist in Newmarket. They fear other elements as well, which are as follows:

The Dentist: Negative personal experience with a dentist or bad, traumatic experience of someone else about dealing with a dentist can give a person dentophobia. A negative portrayal of dentistry can leave a lasting impact on a person.

Numbness: A lot of people who have difficulty in breathing dread the thought of getting their mouths numbed. People tend to worry that they might not be able to breath.

Needles: All those fearing needles would have extreme phobia of injections used by dentists in Newmarket to numb the mouth.

Pain: A lot of dental procedures involve a specific amount of pain, which can induce fear. Usually people sensitive to mouth pain develop a fear that the pain can be agonizing.

Complications Related To Dentophobia

Dental health can differ greatly from one person to another – be it because of genetics or sheer luck! A majority of people are able to stay away from dental diseases for years without having to put any effort, while others get prone to numerous dental diseases, no matter how many times they brush or floss their teeth.

In this modern world, it is significant to have clean and healthy teeth. If your teeth get broken or rotted due to regular wear and tear, you might have to face social stigma. People would back off from you. Dating would become difficult. Getting jobs would become difficult and even your social circle will start shrinking.

The severe and paralyzing effects of dentophobia must be realized. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and hypnosis should be sought-out in order to get the condition in control.


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