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Invisalign Treatment – Advanced Way To Smile Bright

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Invisalign Treatment – Advanced Way To Smile Bright

A quick tooth fix, especially when you are suffering from problem like misaligned tooth seems like a distant dream. Even when the technology has taken an upsurge, its still difficult to find a rather quick treatment for fixing crooked teeth. However, if you are open to long and effective treatment then there certainly are options that you can opt for.


We all know about traditional braces, which are mostly used for improving the alignment of crooked teeth. But invisalign Newmarket is the newest treatment module that allows a person to undergo the treatment without making them feel embarrassed.


Invisalign Newmarket is your favorite bet if you want gorgeous smile and straight teeth without getting embarrassed by your metal braces. Invisalign treatment for crooked teeth consists of a series of insertion of clear trays, called aligners, which are custom made for every individual patient. These aligners are barely visible and are very less painful as compared to the traditional braces. 3-D computer technology is being used for creating invisalign aligners, which also involves your complete computerized treatment plan starting from your the initial position of your teeth and going up to the final desired position. Good quality thermoplastic material is used for making these aligners.


Aligners for invisalign Newmarket needs to be changed every two weeks, which makes your teeth move little by little. The average treatment time for invisalign is about an year, however in some cases it can be completed within six months as well depending on the condition of the patient. On the other hand, metal braces take longer to show desired results and you need to visit dentist every six weeks to get the metal wires tightened. The teeth movement during tightening of  braces causes a lot pain and the adjustment also takes more time as compared to your advanced invisalign aligners. For more information, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.

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