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Significance Of Dental Visits For Toddlers

Reena, an old accountant had a really tough time when her little daughter Sarah, fell ill for days. She had high fever and even after repeated visits to the pediatrician her body temperature was not coming down to normal. Some days later Reena noticed that the girl had a slight swelling on her right cheek and she was immediately taken to the Kids dentist Newmarket. The poor baby was diagnosed with a tooth infection. Being a mother it was very cumbersome for a mother to see her baby endure such a pain and illness for so long. As she was only two years old, she couldn’t even tell her problem to her mother. From that day she decided to get Sarah’s dental check – ups regularly. Continue reading “Significance Of Dental Visits For Toddlers”

Things Parents Can Do To Maintain Oral Hygiene Of Toddlers And Infants

Your little one’s good oral hygiene as a toddler can be the building stage for strong and healthy permanent set of teeth in the later years, also assisting in normal speech development. As your younger one cannot take care of his dental health on his own and needs assistance when it comes to brushing and flossing, it is on you to help him learn the rules, besides taking him to kids dentist in Newmarket for regular checkups. Continue reading “Things Parents Can Do To Maintain Oral Hygiene Of Toddlers And Infants”

Hunting For The Right Dentist For Your Child

Every parent wants the best dental care for their little one! For the same, you need to look for a Kids Dentist in Newmarket who knows how to handle kids gently – someone who has a way around the mouth. Continue reading “Hunting For The Right Dentist For Your Child”

What To Expect At Your Toddler’s First Dental Visit

Toddlers are notoriously disobliging when it comes to errands concerned with their personal hygiene. Shrieking during bathing time? They can’t stop doing that. Yelling and crying over a try to comb their hair? We all have been through that phase. But when it comes to oral hygiene of your toddler, caring for their teeth can seem like an arduous task. Nonetheless, you need to book his first appointment with a dentist in Newmarket – if you haven’t done that already! Continue reading “What To Expect At Your Toddler’s First Dental Visit”

Top Oral Health Practices For School Going Kids

It might not seem too important, but packing oranges or apples in your child’s lunchbox instead of a candy or bread can help improve dental health. As we know, children have 25% meal of their day while they are in the school. Therefore, it is extremely important for parents to take special efforts and prepare lunch that is healthy for your child’s teeth. Continue reading “Top Oral Health Practices For School Going Kids”

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