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Oral Health Problems Among Kids!

Teeth are known to be the hardest substance in our body but sometimes even the toughest of things need care. And when it comes to the teeth of your child, you would obviously want the best of care for them. Kids generally tend to be more affected by dental problems than adults because of their eating habits which includes foods like chocolate and burgers which aggravate the tooth decay and other dental problems when not cleaned after the eating process. Kids dentist Newmarket has solutions for all such problems!

There are some common problems that the kids dentist Newmarket have noticed in the patients, most common among them being tooth decay in addition to tooth loss and tooth deformation.

Tooth decay is common problem among the kids and is easily treatable if brought to notice before it is too late. Chocolate and fast food remains the main culprit here. It happens when the bacteria comes in contact with the teeth and allows the sugars to affect the dental plaque which produces acids leading to demineralization of the tooth. It can be treated easily by kids dentist Newmarket if consulted at the right time.

If your kid is among those who have lost their teeth even before, it is time for the adult teeth to take its place, then you need to consult kids dentist Newmarket before it starts creating serious problem like the rest of the teeth taking the lost teeth’s place and not allowing permanent teeth to come up.

Tooth deformations are caused by various problems like tongue thrusting, thumb sucking and lip sucking which can cause problems like speech impediments, improper arrangement of teeth and other problems.

You should not avoid even the littlest of dental problems your kid complains of, consult kids dentist Newmarket and get it assured that it won’t affect your child’s future. All the best with your kid’s dental healthcare, choose wisely and remember to take your child to a dentist regularly for a smile you wish for.For more information, visit www.eastriverdental.comor call on 905-895-8031.

Treatment of chipped or broken teeth among young children

Containing the excitement of a growing child is an extremely difficult feat, as there is no limit to their curiosity, vigour and restlessness. Their very nature makes them susceptible to traumatic injuries, which can be the result of a sports mishap or an accident. According to kids dentist Newmarket, children are at a greater risk of a chipped or broken tooth as they are carefree when it comes to dental care. Tooth decay weakens tooth and makes it prone to damage therefore, even the consumption of hard substances can result in chipped or broken tooth.

Traumatic injuries whether mild or severe, require immediate attention and visiting a kids dentist Newmarket right away is highly advisable, as a seemingly trivial injury may result in serious discomfort if neglected. A thorough examination of the injury by a proficient kids dentist Newmarket is necessary to gauge the extent of the damage and it also allows the dentist to determine further treatment. The treatment of a chipped or broken tooth depends on the gravity of the injury and its location.

Treatment depending on the gravity of injury:

  • Mild injury: a mild injury can either chip or break a portion of your tooth that does not expose your pulp. A chipped tooth can be taken care of by a tooth coloured filling and in case of a broken tooth the severed portion can be reattached.
  • Severe injury: a severe injury can either result in a split tooth or a severely broken tooth, where a significant part of the tooth is broken exposing the pulp. A split tooth spreads from the crown to the root of the tooth and causes great discomfort. In case of a severe injury, kids dentist Newmarket either restore the tooth with a root canal treatment or extract it depending on its condition.

For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.

Why Toddlers Need to Learn the Importance of Oral Health?

Your toddler may not be afraid of ghosts and may harbour dreams of saving the world from an alien invasion all on his own, but there is one thing that scares little ones out of their minds, and that is a visit to the dentist. Further, parents sometimes tend to ignore dental ailments in young children as they take them to be temporary and feel that it will end once the milk teeth are shed. However, kids dentist Newmarket are of the opinion, that it is imperative for parents to take their children to dentists for routine check-ups throughout their formative years. Continue reading “Why Toddlers Need to Learn the Importance of Oral Health?”

3 Most Common Oral Problems In Children

Parents usually tend to ignore the dental problems of small children considering the fact that the problems will vanish with the shedding of milk teeth. But they are unaware that oral care in formal years is very significant for the health of permanent teeth. For the good dental health of your children you should consult the kids dentist Newmarket. Continue reading “3 Most Common Oral Problems In Children”

Dental Health Guide For Your Little One

A lot of parents don’t acknowledge the importance of teaching their toddlers importance of having healthy teeth. Some don’t even know how to take care of their little’s pearly whites. When should they take their kids to dentists in Newmarket and how they should ensure healthy gums and jaw? Well, initially it is best to use a piece of cloth to clean your toddler’s teeth. However for the later years, here’s a guide to a good dental regimen. Continue reading “Dental Health Guide For Your Little One”

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