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What can you do to maintain your dazzling smile?

When it comes to our white clothes we are very careful and go out of our ways to maintain their condition. We save them from any potential staining and make it a point to clean them immediately in case they get blemished. However, when it comes to our teeth we are not so heedful and tend to overlook the catastrophic effects our varied eating habits can have on our pearly whites. As a result, teeth get stained and lose their lustre over time. Nevertheless, the rapid progression of cosmetic dentistry has resulted in the advent of the teeth whitening Newmarket procedure, which is fast becoming a boon for all those who want to regain the lost glory of their precious teeth.

A typical teeth whitening Newmarket procedure uses bleaching or non-bleaching whitening products depending on the nature of the stains, to remove them and restore the sheen of our teeth. The treatment is not a lengthy one and can be either done at a dental office or at home. However, as with all dental treatments after care of the treated teeth is of paramount importance according to dentists in Newmarket, as it increases its success. Here are some essential tips to take care of your teeth after a teeth whitening Newmarket procedure:

  • Immediate post treatment care: the bleaching of our teeth opens up the pores and it takes approximately 48 hours to readapt. Food that are colourless and non-acidic in nature are recommended to avoid staining.
  • Long term care: if you want to extend the effect of the teeth whitening Newmarket procedure, food with high acidic levels and consumption of alcohol and tobacco should be avoided. Regular brushing and flossing restricts staining and plaque formation. A teeth whitening toothpaste is recommended, as it has bleaching agents that oxidises and removes the stains.

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