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Root Canal Treatment – Know The Facts

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Root Canal Treatment – Know The Facts

Root Canal Treatment – Know The Facts - Root Canal Treatment Newmarket - East River Dental Care

Have you recently been informed by your dentist Newmarket that you need root canal treatment? If so, then you need not fret! Numerous teeth are treated for root canal every year and it is perhaps one of the best ways to relieve pain in the tooth and save the pearly whites.

Under the white enamel of your tooth called dentin is a hard layer known as the pulp which contains connective tissue. It is only the pulp that helps in growth of the root of the tooth. However, if the root protecting the pulp becomes badly damaged or infected, then there is no other way than going for root canal Newmarket treatment.

In this process, a dentist Newmarket makes use of a drill to remove the damaged pulp and prevent it from damage. Only a dentist will be able to identify if the problem can be treated well with root canal or not. Some of the steps conducted by a dentist are as follows:

  1. X-ray – The dentist gets to know exactly if the treatment is needed; and what is the exact location of decay.
  2. Sedation – If sedation is to be administered or not. A root canal Newmarket treatment definitely is not painful anymore.
  3. Pulpectomy – The tooth pulp is taken out after drilling a hole.
  4. Afterwards, filling is done using gutta-percha material and finally sealed using cement.

After the root canal has been done, proper care is required. It is important to practice good oral hygiene in order to avoid future complications. Visiting a dentist Newmarket time and again is extremely important so as to assure that the root filling is in place. Apart from this, chewing on hard foods should be completely avoided. For more information about root canal Newmarket, visit or call at 905-895-8031.


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