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How East River Dental Takes Care of Your Entire Family's Dentistry Needs

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How East River Dental Takes Care of Your Entire Family’s Dentistry Needs

Staying on top of your entire family’s dental care can be difficult to manage. It might not be convenient to bring each member of the family in for regular check-ups separately due to time restraints or financial concerns. At East River Dental we do our best to accommodate your entire family by making sure everyone can come in at the same time, make it easy for your children to get comfortable with our dentists and procedures, and make sure the entire process is as affordable as possible to make sure everyone’s receiving the dental care they need to maintain optimal oral health.

Your One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Family Dentistry Services

East River Dental is a one-stop-shop for family dentistry services. One of our favorite capacities as a dental office is providing our expert services to entire families who attend dental appointments together. We’re proud to provide:

Convenient hours designed to accommodate busy families. We have multiple dental hygienists on staff, working throughout the day to ensure our patient’s appointments are handled efficiently and effectively. Unlike many dental offices, we’re open on weekends and later into the evening during the week.

We also have a number of payment options that keep families with multiple children in mind to ease any financial stresses related to dental care. We’re also happy to handle any insurance claims on your behalf while your family is at their appointment.

We make every effort to keep your child engaged while undergoing exams and treatments. One of the techniques we use is to keep your child distracted at all times during the visit. Our office is outfitted with toys, video games and TV shows to keep your child relaxed and distracted.

Your family visit will rarely exceed one hour, and will only be required in cases where extensive care is necessary, such as root canals or surgical removals. During your family’s visit, your dentist will explains any details you need to know and devise a treatment plan that outlines how your entire family can maintain optimal oral health.

If your family is not insured, East River offers a 10% discount on your family services account total.

We’re proud to have over 30 years experience providing the highest-quality dental care by using the latest technologies and most advanced dental processes. We keep your family’s oral health at top of mind, and help you develop a plan that gets your children into a regular dental care routine that keeps visits to our offices quick, efficient and affordable.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to East River Dental to schedule appointments for your entire family today.

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