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3 Things that Might be Hurting Your Teeth

Teeth Hurting Cause

Most of the common things that might be causing cavities or hurting your teeth are known, say for example sugar, soda, aerated drinks, chocolates, etc. We usually blame these food items for hurting our teeth. But there are many other factors that might be wrecking havoc to your teeth. These unexpected culprits damaging your oral health are as follows:


  1. Brushing your pearly whites too hard can be one of the major contributing factors for deteriorating oral health. Vigorous brushing can remove the enamel of your teeth and further irritate the gums. So as dentists in Newmarket recommend, it’s important to use a soft-bristled brush which do no cause any damage yet remove the dirt and plaque effectively.
  2. Crunching on ice can be one prominent reasons for that ache in your teeth. Extreme cold temperatures is the one reasons and munching that hard ice cube is the second. No wonder dentists in Newmarket suggest you to use a blender for crushing ice.
  3. Using your teeth as tools is another factor for aching teeth which you might not be aware about. From using your teeth as a bottle opener to ripping open the packets of chips and even breaking off that dress tag – we do it all in our daily lives. But as dentists in Newmarket say, teeth should be used for doing three main things- chewing food, smiling, and speaking properly. Such activities in a longer term can make your teeth extremely weak.

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