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How do Dentists Fill Cavities for Kids?

Apparently, kids would lose the set of teeth they have once they grow up but still that set needs to survive and be taken care of in order to assure that the adult teeth grow in a correct order with proper room. This is the reason why oral hygiene is of maximum importance as soon as baby’s teeth start to come in. It is significant to teach them about oral hygiene since a young age only. Despite paying maximum attention, it is possible for children to end up with cavities. At that point, it would be best to get in touch with Newmarket Dentist and learn about oral health care.

Baby Teeth Fillings

Baby teeth aren’t going to last forever they are just going to last for some years until the adult teeth begin appearing. But even in the toddler years, if they get cavities, the Newmarket Dentist will help in drilling out the cavities. You must know that the primary teeth during the younger days will help shape up the adult teeth.

Baby teeth fillings are are used to repair your child’s teeth that have been damaged by cavities. The filling however depends on the level of damage the cavity might have caused.

Decay is Possible

Recurrence of tooth decay is possible even if the Newmarket Dentist tries to remove all the cavities. Surfaces exposed to cavities before have better chances of getting infected again. So if the decay resurfaces, the dentist will re-fill or replace the filling depending on the impact of infection.

Extraction can be Required

Extraction can be needed when the decay advances to next level and the gums start to pain.

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