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Why East River Dental Care Trusts Straumann Dental Implants

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Why East River Dental Care Trusts Straumann Dental Implants

Until the day comes where medical research advances to the point that humans can actually “grow” new teeth, dental implants will remain the best option to replace missing teeth.

At East River Dental Care, we have more than 30 years experience as a professional dental practice and take pride in using the most advanced and latest technologies to provide our clients with the highest-quality care. That’s why use the highest quality Straumann implants to perform tooth replacement procedures.

Keeping Our Patients Best Interests in Mind
The decision to replace a missing tooth with dental implants can be a hard choice to make, but they are almost always an excellent investment in your oral health. Implants are now the standard care for missing teeth, proven more effective than crown and bridge because they look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Dental implants also help to prevent bone loss and don’t require adjacent teeth to be ground down. Whether you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, Straumann dental implants are produced using state-of-the-art technology to provide you with a healthy, natural looking smile.

Not All Implants Are Created Equally
Straumann’s implants deliver some of the most advanced dental implant surfaces and high-performance implant materials on the market. The Roxolid implant is manufactured from Titanium-Zirconium, a metal alloy created specifically for dental implants.

The alloy is stronger and more resistant than pure titanium. It delivers high osteoconductivity and high mechanical strength. Because of its biomechanical implant design and size, Roxoloid implants helped 54% of patients in a clinical, non-interventional study avoid costly bone augmentation surgery.

The SLActive implant is also a popular choice among dentists, designed to bond faster with bone, reduce healing time and improve the predictability of implant treatment.

Straumann’s implants, which have shown a 98.8% survival rate in long-term clinical studies, help to prevent bone loss, avoid shifting teeth and changes in facial structure, while maintaining the health of your remaining natural teeth.

Less-Invasive Procedures
Our implant procedures are designed to be as least-invasive as possible, particularly procedures in compact spaces. Our Straumann implants deliver some of the most advanced dental implant surface and materials on the market to shorten treatment times.

All of our implant procedures are performed by our gum specialist, who has placed thousands of implants and has extensive experience. Once our gum specialist has identified the exact area for the implant, it is surgically inserted into the predetermined locations in the jawbone. This is a minor procedure that typically requires only local freezing to eliminate any pain, but we practice extreme precision to ensure an aesthetic outcome.

In many cases, we wait between 3 to 6 months before attaching a crown to allow your jawbone to develop an affinity with the metal alloy implant and ensure long-term durability. Once your gums heal, a permanent crown is fixed to the implant. Your dentist will determine whether the crown will be screwed or cemented in place depending on the type of implant used.

Quality Care Requires Quality Technologies
East River Dental prides itself on providing over 30 years of quality dental care. We’ve made a commitment to using the highest quality technologies to perform and compliment our dental care services. Don’t let the idea of a dental implant procedure overwhelm you: our high-tech Straumann implants and precision procedures help to prevent bone loss, maintain the health of your remaining natural teeth and give you a natural-looking smile you’ll be proud to show off.

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