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Does Invisalign Require Tooth Extraction Beforehand?

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Does Invisalign Require Tooth Extraction Beforehand?

Invisalign in Newmarket is taking the world of dentistry by storm. As far as orthodontists are concerned, they are more than willing to recommend this new solution to protruding teeth. Invisalign involves using a clear tray made of good quality medical grade plastic that hold the teeth back and slowly but surely put them back into shape. The plastic trays basically replace the age old braces made up of metal and rubber that are clearly visible and require a lot of attention by the wearer to ensure that their oral health remains in good condition.
Invisalign in Newmarket thus has become the more desirable option when it comes to fixing teeth that are protruding. Dentists in Newmarket says that since it is clear plastic, it does not show and can be easily worn and removed at the wearer’s convenience. Most adults prefer using Invisalign to correct teeth that grow out wayward and spoil a perfect smile.

  1. Since Invisalign in Newmarket uses a plastic tray to fix the teeth, it is moulded and made according to the impression of the wearer’s teeth. This is a more comfortable, acceptable and esthetic option for adults and teens.
  2. The Invisalign in Newmarket tray comes with power ridges and attachments which make wearing it much easier. This also ensures that an overbite or extreme pain, or any such complication can be fixed and it is convenient to do so.

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