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Dental Health Guide For Your Little One

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Dental Health Guide For Your Little One

Dental Health Guide For Your Little One - East River Dental Care - Kids Dentist Newmarket

A lot of parents don’t acknowledge the importance of teaching their toddlers importance of having healthy teeth. Some don’t even know how to take care of their little’s pearly whites. When should they take their kids to dentists in Newmarket and how they should ensure healthy gums and jaw? Well, initially it is best to use a piece of cloth to clean your toddler’s teeth. However for the later years, here’s a guide to a good dental regimen.

Your choice of toothpaste determines a lot when it comes to the dental hygiene of your kids as too much fluoride can be harmful. It is important to know that most of the toothpastes available for kids in the market contain fluoride. These toothpastes just have flavors added to them and cartoons printed on them to make their packaging more attractive. Still that doesn’t make them safe. It is best to ask your little one to ask to spit the toothpaste. The other substitute is to promote the use of non-fluoridated pastes like Gum Cleanser.

Other than that, take your child to kids dentist Newmarket, though the time when you should first take them to the dental office is still debatable. A lot of people are of belief that the ideal time to visit a dental clinic Newmarket is when they get their first teeth or reach 1 year of age. You can ask the dentist about brushing and flossing regimen. It is believed that by the age of 8, when the kids have a full set of teeth, flossing can be started. If you only will not brush your child’s teeth from the right age or take him to a dentist Newmarket, he will not follow the same in a later age. For more information, visit or call at 905-895-8031.


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