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What Causes Bad Breath?

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What Causes Bad Breath?

We love to cuddle our little ones and kiss them affectionately but, bad breath can surely be a dampener. A seemingly trivial problem like, bad breath can be an indication of something graver and therefore, must not be neglected. According to kids dentist Newmarket, foul breath also known as halitosis can be triggered by various factors and can be effectively countered by addressing the factors and diligently eliminating them.

Some of the reasons behind bad breath among children are:

  • Improper oral care: time and again kids dentist Newmarket have laid immense stress on the imperativeness of appropriate oral hygiene and have encouraged parents to educate their kids about its benefits. Regular brushing and flossing inhibit the growth of odorous bacteria and plaque thereby, maintaining the freshness of your child’s mouth. Cleaning the tongue should also be meticulously done, as it houses a lot of bacteria.
  • Unsuitable dietary habits: protein rich food and odorous food items like garlic and onion can leave a lingering stink.
  • Dry mouth: saliva is the natural cleanser that keeps are mouth clean and impedes bacterial growth. If the saliva is being produced in limited quantity or if the child has a habit of breathing through his mouth due to a blocked nose, the mouth can become very dry thereby, making it the seat of excessive bacterial growth.
  • Oral infections: infections in the mouth like sores, cavities and plaque can also lead to the foul stench.
  • Medications: for a medicine to take its affect it needs to disintegrate to release the various chemicals that have the potential to cure the body of disease. Sometimes heavy medications can have odorous chemicals that contribute to foul breath.
  • Swollen tonsils: often the reason behind the smell can be a tonsil infection, as suggested by kids dentist Newmarket. Infected tonsils appear red, inflamed and can have white spots. The bacteria can grow around the bloated tonsils and generate a profane stench.
  • Other systemic problems: lung, liver and kidney diseases can be the reason behind foul breath but, it is quite rare.

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