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What Are The Causes For Poor Dental Health

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What Are The Causes For Poor Dental Health?

Poor dental health and oral hygiene has been linked to heart diseases. Not paying attention to oral hygiene can cause more severe complications, including oral cancer.This is the reason why it is mandatory to ensure proper oral hygiene standards along with getting regular health checkups.

There are certain habits that can worsen the health of your teeth. Some of these habits are excessive sugar consumption, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol or heavy medication and of course bad oral hygiene (not brushing or flossing). The smoke from the tobacco has a toxic effect on the gum tissue and can interfere with blood flow leading to gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer. Drinking can have an indirect effect by dehydrating the mouth so that bacteria can breed around freely. Some medicines also dry up the mouth which is a playground for bacteria to run rampantly.

These habits are common so they are not always avoidable; however a proper method of brushing your teeth, flossing and massaging your gums twice a day can ensure a happier smile for the coming years. Along with this, a visit to your dentist in Newmarket can prove worthwhile for taking care of your teeth. So, think wisely and follow the motto “prevention is the best cure”. Get your teeth checked right away!


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