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Top Oral Health Practices For School Going Kids

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Top Oral Health Practices For School Going Kids

It might not seem too important, but packing oranges or apples in your child’s lunchbox instead of a candy or bread can help improve dental health. As we know, children have 25% meal of their day while they are in the school. Therefore, it is extremely important for parents to take special efforts and prepare lunch that is healthy for your child’s teeth.

In the morning, before your child leaves for school, ask them to brush their teeth well with fluoridated toothpaste. This way, your child’s breath would remain fresh and teeth clean.

In your child’s lunchbox, fill healthy snacks or meals like low-fat yoghurt, baked chips, lean meats, as well as whole-grain crackers. Besides, you can also fill in the lunchbox with healthy fruits and vegetables. These items would keep their teeth clean. Even if your kid pressurizes you a lot for sugary sweets, just serve in moderation.

If your child has braces, insist him to brush teeth after each and every meal. And if they use removable retainers, they should clean them after meals.

Before the school begins, take your child to a dentist in Newmarket and get a dental checkup properly.

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