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The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth

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The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth

You may not have given it deep thought but there is a “right way” and “wrong way” of brushing. Ask a top dentist in Newmarket or elsewhere and he’ll tell you that most people do not brush correctly. They are lazy and not adequately thorough, thus leading to higher chances of tooth decay.

The first and foremost rule of brushing is to do it for an extending period of time. Devote at least 1.5 – 2 minutes for brushing, and use an hour glass to ensure you don’t cheat. Alongside the typical circular motion to clean the frontal portion of teeth, go beyond as well. Brush the crowns too, keeping your brush horizontal. Try to create as wide a range of brushing motion as possible and you may even reach the most inaccessible crevices of your teeth.

Apart from the act of brushing itself, focus on the other protocols of dental care too. Follow up brushing with cleaning of your tongue and mouthwash as a rule. Floss once a day as well and perform this entire routine twice daily. If you do this religiously, not only will you see whiter teeth with lesser staining, even gum diseases will be kept at bay.




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