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Significance Of Dental Visits For Toddlers

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Significance Of Dental Visits For Toddlers

Significance Of Dental Visits For Toddlers - Kids Dental Clinic Newmarket - East River Dental Care

Reena, an old accountant had a really tough time when her little daughter Sarah, fell ill for days. She had high fever and even after repeated visits to the pediatrician her body temperature was not coming down to normal. Some days later Reena noticed that the girl had a slight swelling on her right cheek and she was immediately taken to the Kids dentist Newmarket. The poor baby was diagnosed with a tooth infection. Being a mother it was very cumbersome for a mother to see her baby endure such a pain and illness for so long. As she was only two years old, she couldn’t even tell her problem to her mother. From that day she decided to get Sarah’s dental check – ups regularly.

No parent would ever like their children to put up with the same suffering. Most parents take their children to the dental clinic Newmarket quite frequently in their formative years, then why not bother and visit a dentist also?

The oral check – ups are usually ignored by parents of toddlers. The healthiness of the milk teeth is not a great matter of concern for them because anyway they have to shed the milk teeth: parents tend to think so. But they ignore the fact that oral health of infants marks the health of their permanent teeth also. Moreover a lot of diseases are associated with the dental health of the toddlers; one of them is Dental Caries (tooth decay) which remains the most prevalent chronic disease among children from 2 – 11 years of age according to National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. About 42% of children suffer from Dental Caries. Such difficulties can only be shunned away by regular sessions with a Newmarket dentist. Furthermore small children can’t communicate, so routine inspections are a must.

And most importantly children are a gift of nature and should be properly taken care of. They are beautiful in every way and hence we should work up to make their smiles more beautiful. For more information about dentist Newmarket, visit or call at 905-895-8031.


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