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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment – Know The Facts - Root Canal Treatment Newmarket - East River Dental Care

Gone are the days, when having severe tooth decay meant losing your precious teeth, not to mention the painful procedure of extracting a tooth and the void left after the removal that makes eating difficult, thereby necessitating an artificial tooth replacement. The artificial tooth in turn posed further difficulties of maintenance, hygiene and strain. Modern improvements brought the ground-breaking Root Canal Treatment that changed the face of dental care forever. Dental office offers world class root canal treatment facilities that seek to safeguard your natural teeth for a lifetime.


A human tooth is composed of mainly 3 sections or layers. The outermost layer is the Enamel underneath which lies the Dentin which in turn is the hard layer protecting the tender core of the tooth known as the Pulp. The Pulp is the most sensitive part of the tooth as it harbours blood vessels and nerves. In case of Pulp infection, which can be a result of cavities, blunt force trauma that either results in chipped tooth or internal Pulp damage, root canal Newmarket treatment is recommended by various dental office Newmarket.


Root canal Newmarket treatment basically includes 6 steps:

  • A narrow passage is created from the crown to the root after the numbing of the tooth.
  • The infected tooth canal is cleaned of the inflamed Pulp, disinfected, irrigated and moulded for the filling using special files.
  • A material named Gutta-Percha is used to fill the canal and prevent future infections.
  • The opening is securely sealed with a temporary filling material.
  • Finally, dentists end Root Canal Newmarket procedure by securely placing a cap or a crown which looks like a real tooth on top of the temporary filling.


Root canal Newmarket treatment saves natural tooth, facilitates effortless chewing and protects neighbouring teeth from continuous wear and strain. For more information, visit or call on 905-895-8031.


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