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Oral Safety for Children in the Winter: Tips

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Oral Safety for Children in the Winter: Tips

Protecting teeth and gums of your kids is a year-round task for the parents. However, during winters, it becomes important to find the right balance between oral hygiene and fun of the snow day. Dry air and snowball fights make your kid’s teeth susceptible to damage. So regular visits to kids dentist office in Newmarket is extremely important. Other than that, there are numerous ways to keep your tiny tot’s teeth healthy during the cold season.

  1. Keep your kids hydrated. The risk of running dehydrated increases with kids spending time playing winter sports. In fact, kids become way more dehydrated than adults as they weigh less and do not even realize that they are thirsty. It should be your top priority to make sure your kid drinks enough water during winters. Keep offering them water every half an hour so that they can gain from the benefits of water.
  2. Their teeth should be properly guarded. Winter athletes who love skiing slopes and sledging, providing protection from physical injuries should be an absolute must. You can visit a kids dentist office in Newmarket to find about good protection gear such as face mask and mouthguard to minimize dental injuries. Your dentist in Newmarket can help your kid in custom fitting the mouthguard.
  3. Encouraging good dental habits amongst kids from a tender age itself can offer maximum protection against wear and tear. Brushing and flossing should be a mandatory oral regimen that should be followed. Talk to your kids about the benefits of maintaining good oral care and ensure they incorporate them religiously into their routine.

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