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Can Tooth Cavities Be Prevented

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Can Cavities Be Prevented?

Can Cavities Be Prevented - East River Dental Care - Newmarket - Ontario - Canada

Cavities are a serious dental problem which needs be taken seriously. A lot of people, especially worried parents, would approach a dentist in Newmarket just to ask if cavities can be prevented. Most experts reply in the affirmative, reiterating that there are some self-care measures one may take to reduce the risk of cavities.

The most important rule of dental care is brushing twice daily, after the first and last meal of the way, respectively. This removes sugar and other food particles from the mouth, which if left unchecked, would be acted upon by bacteria for long hours and cause the acid levels in the oral cavity to rise – acid is corrosive and expedites tooth decay. Following the same logic, foods with high sugar content should not be indulged in too frequently, especially not at night.

Another practice that helps with cavity prevention is regular flossing on a daily basis. One should also drink water or rinse their mouth after eating acidic foods. Getting checked for cavities at least twice every year would also ensure that any cavities that do occur get treated in the nascent stages, thus evading the more discomforting condition whereby a root canal procedure becomes necessary. These measures, if followed religiously, will surely help one stay safe from cavities.


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