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Benefits of a Root Canal Procedure

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Benefits of a Root Canal Procedure

The proficient dentists in Newmarket are of the opinion that teeth are our most vital possessions and preserving them before it is too late is imperative. As a result, a majority of dental issues that previously would have inevitably led to a surgical extraction, are now being effectively countered with the state of the art root canal Newmarket procedure. A number of times, cavities or trauma sustained during injuries result in serious damage to the pulp leaving it inflamed. As the pulp is made up of blood vessels and live nerves it causes great pain and discomfort.

Although root canal Newmarket procedure is the most recommended treatment for severely damaged teeth, it is not quite popular among the masses as a multitude of people are known to get apprehensive while opting for it. However, here are some of the benefits of a root canal Newmarket procedure as enumerated by dentists in Newmarket:

  • Saves us from serious infection: if a severely decayed or inflamed tooth is not treated timely, the infection spreads to the neighbouring teeth and gums and the tooth may even become abscessed. Sometimes the decay creates holes in the affected tooth which results in drainage leading to further infection and diseases. A root canal Newmarket procedure saves the tooth before it is too late.
  • Alleviates pain: the inflammation in the pulp leads to excruciating pain, which can be continuous or intermittent. If the pain is ignored, it even results in severe headaches, fever, swelling in the surrounding area and can inhibit eating and drinking. An RCT eliminates the pain as the damaged pulp is removed and the pulp chamber is disinfected.
  • Improves appearance of our teeth: a damaged and decayed tooth can be unappealing and effective treatment at the right time ensures an aesthetically appealing smile.
  • Simple procedure: as opposed to popular belief, a root canal Newmarket procedure is fairly simple and can be taken care of in a few appointments.

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