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What are the Daily Duties and Responsibilities of a Dentist?

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What are the Daily Duties and Responsibilities of a Dentist?

Dentists are the doctors of oral health who provide treatment for teeth and gums and perform preventive care for good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene in turn prevents periodontal and gum diseases. This is the reason why people usually visit dentists in Newmarket at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings. So, if you want to become a dentist but are not sure about the duties and responsibilities, here’s a lowdown for your ease:

  • Dental Cleanings

Dentists in Newmarket need to examine the teeth and gums of their patients and diagnose oral diseases. Their duty is to perform a dental checkup and look for any potential signs of tooth decay or gum disorders. It is only under the guidance of a dentist that the oral diseases are examined and proper treatment is worked out.

  • Extractions and Treatments

Another major responsibility of dentists in Newmarket is to perform extractions as well as provide treatment for periodontal diseases. They treat tooth conditions by performing various procedures such as root canals, fillings, and other cosmetic work. Dentists also perform surgeries to treat gum diseases and remove tooth decay. If required under any treatment procedure, they also administer anaesthesia.

  • Additional Testing

After diagnosing the early warning signs in mouth, dentists have to suggest X-rays and other diagnostic tests to the patients. Then under their direction, the dental hygienists will conduct these tests. Depending on these tests, dentists would then diagnose the condition and perform required treatment.

These are some of the major duties and responsibilities of dentists in Newmarket. They teach patients about aspects of dental care, properly brushing, flossing, and even diet.

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