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Remove Wisdom Teeth with Dentists in Newmarket

There are lot many things we can do for a good oral health. We can brush and floss our teeth every day, can have a healthy diet and see the Newmarket dentist regularly to have flawless teeth and healthy mouth. But the growing of wisdom teeth and their removal is actually difficult and we can never avoid them. The study says that 9 out of 10 patients have to remove their wisdom teeth to live a healthy life. According to the Dentists in Newmarket, Wisdom teeth are no different than other teeth except they are the only teeth that do not develop in the womb. Wisdom teeth are actually the third molars that tend to grow between 17 to 25 years of age.

The third molars are as useful as other teeth if they grow properly and have healthy gum tissues around them. However, mostly the case is unpleasant as problems develop when the wisdom teeth grow in and required to be removed. Many a time they also cause infection and cyst formation that may create a major oral health issue. If the wisdom teeth are creating any such problem, rush to your Newmarket dentist and ask for the proper treatment or removal. These third molars cause so much pain that it forbid to lead a normal life. The pain occurs when the wisdom tooth is growing in a wrong way. Another reason can be the soft gum tissues that get pushed by the wisdom teeth causing swelling and discomfort. Apart from the pain, one can suffer from a frequent headache, mouth swelling, fever and so on. This discomfort interferes in our professional, personal and social life & thus it is recommended to visit the dentist office Newmarket for a check-up.

Though for many wisdom teeth, removal is not an option; in such case, the Dentists in Newmarket will be able to suggest the right medication to manage the pain and discomfort. However, for major problems, it will always be the temporary solution and at some point of time wisdom teeth removal become a necessity. The experts at dentist office Newmarket are backed with right equipment for such operations and have become quite a routine. The whole procedure may cause temporary discomfort which can be managed easily by the professional Dentists in Newmarket. Post-surgery pain is usually minimal and the suggested medicines by Dentists in Newmarket will certainly ease your pain in few days. So, never take the problem by Wisdom Teeth too lightly and visit the dentist office Newmarket for faster recovery.

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What Kind of Dentist to Consult for Tooth Pain?

It is not very surprising to hear that tooth pain is one of the main reasons why people visit a Newmarket dentist. Pain in the tooth and gums can occur due to a variety of reasons, ranging from small and minor injuries, to something that points to an insidious problem, like gum disease or an infection in the dental cavity.
When it comes to visiting a dentist for tooth pain, however, there are some things that stop people from visiting the Newmarket dentist. The primary reason for this is that they believe home remedies can provide the solution for tooth pain. While home remedies are certainly effective in relieving pain, they cannot make the pain go away. Home remedies including using clove, saline solution and other such easy remedies can help in improving the situation, as they provide temporary relief. However, these are, in no case, a remedy to the problem of tooth pain itself.
It is necessary to visit a general Newmarket dentist, who is trained to ascertain what the cause of a dental problem is. This dentist might take the following steps to relieve pain:

  1. Provide temporary pain relief by injecting a strong painkiller.
  2. Further the case for examination and recommend a specialised Newmarket dentist.
  3. Ascertain the cause and prescribe medication to resolve the problem itself.

To relieve the actual cause of pain in teeth, the reason for the pain must be determined. Ranging from the variety of symptoms, a Newmarket dentist decides whether the cause of the tooth pain is temporary or needs further examination.


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Do Dentists Recommend Teeth Whitening Strips?

A bright smile made of amazing white teeth is every person’s dream. Which is why over the counter whitening toothpastes, strips, gels and trays are so popular. People are now employing these methods, beyond the regular whitening ones which use home remedies, to achieve that perfect smile. But do dentists in Newmarket recommend these?


A bright smile is not only a good confidence booster, but it also helps to keep one’s teeth looking clean. Yellowing of teeth is a natural process, as most dentists note, and cannot be stopped in most cases. However, there are obviously remedial measures, like laser teeth whitening, which most dentists in Newmarket recommend as the most effective solution.
When it comes to over the counter whitening solutions, like teeth whitening strips, there are definitely some solutions that work and there are some that do not. Teeth whitening strips are coated with a whitening agent, which is best for brightening one’s teeth temporarily. Whitening strips are a good option before a major event, like a party, as they help make the teeth appear brighter. However, as dentists in Newmarket have often noted, these strips are not effective at all when it comes to looking for a long term solution for yellowing teeth.
According to dentists in Newmarket there are some problems with teeth whitening strips which could hinder it’s advantages:

  1. Some whitening strips contain chloride oxide, an agent also found in swimming pools, which is dangerous to the enamel of the tooth.
  2. Whitening strips may also contain acidic elements which erode the enamel and lead to a lot of damage for a temporary whitening.

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Tips for a Successful Visit to a Dental Clinic

Have you ever suffered paranoia regarding your visit to a Newmarket dental clinic? While this fear might stem from a deep seated anxiety stemming from unpleasant past visits, it can certainly be defeated. As long as visiting a dental clinic is not an irksome process, you can ensure that the visit is successful by pre planning and preparing beforehand.
If you are visiting a Newmarket dental clinic for a regular check up, here are some thing that you need to do to make the visit a successful one:

  1. Ensure that your dentist at the dental clinic has adequate experience and can handle a wide range of patients. This is most important to ensure that any difficulties you are facing, which pertain to your negligence of your oral health, can be tackled adequately by the dentist.
  2. It is also important to ensure that you are aware of any allergies you might have. Also, make sure that you are carrying documents to the Newmarket dental clinic that might prove necessary for treatment. These include case files outlining your previous medical history.

However, if you are visiting the Newmarket dental clinic with regard to a specific ailment, it would be helpful if you could go over the necessities of your treatment beforehand. Not only will this help you be better prepared, but it will also answer a lot of questions you might have had.

  1. Make a list of symptoms that you have been facing, and carry it with you for the dentist’s perusal.
  2. Record information about your oral health habits during the treatment and carry it along to the Newmarket dental clinic.

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Best Oral Surgery at Newmarket Dental Clinic

None of us like the dental pains and discomforts & thus prefer to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep a good oral health. But many a time the circumstances do not favor us and in spite of our daily cleaning, flossing and healthy habits, a major dental problem may arise. There might be situations that demand oral surgery for the improvement of your oral health. With the well-equipped and experienced Dentists in Newmarket, you can now be assured of a painless and smooth surgery. So, whether it’s a facial or jaw injury, painful wisdom teeth or to install dental implants, Newmarket Dental Clinic has the solution to every dental issue.

Many patients blindly go for the dental surgeries without prior knowledge about its consequences. But the dental experts at Dentist Office Newmarket always keep you informed of everything regarding the surgery, which helps them in easing the process. Dentists in Newmarket start the overall process with a proper examination. Technologically improved minimal radiation digital dental x-rays and intraoral cameras help the dentists to take the prior impression depending on the surgery. Thus the Newmarket Dentist recommends bringing all the information that you have including your previous x-rays, scans and other medical reports to smoothen the entire procedure. Prior to the surgery follow the prescription recommended by the dental surgeon. The Dentists in Newmarket ask the patients not have any food before the surgery. Do not worry; the experienced Newmarket Dentist will guide you exactly about the pre-medications and procedures.

It’s true that the dental surgeries are somewhat painful. But, this pain and discomfort are temporary. If you take proper medications and follow the instructions by the Newmarket Dentist, you will feel tenderness in your mouth after a few days of surgery. If you feel any discomfort or any side-effect, inform the Dentists in Newmarket immediately. After the surgery, avoid heavy works as your body needs rest. To reduce or to avoid swelling and bleeding apply ice packs and prop your head with pillows while sleeping. Follow the diet prescribed the Dentists in Newmarket as long as you are experiencing pain and bleeding. Strict yourself to liquid foods and avoid having hard and hot foods after the surgery. After 48 hours of dental surgery, the wound starts healing and to promote that have foods rich in Vitamin- A and C. Don’t go for brushing or flossing until the doctor confirms. Follow the recommendations by the Dentists in Newmarket and obtain a better oral health.

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For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.

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