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Why Does a Root Canal Still Hurt?

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Why Does a Root Canal Still Hurt?

A root canal treatment is one of the most common dental treatments being performed these days. According to endodontists, a root canal treatment is performed to save a tooth that has become severely decayed or infected. As the lifestyle of masses changes, and includes unhealthy additions like neglecting oral health and excessive consumption of sugars and alcohol, the risks of having a root canal in Newmarket are also going up.


A root canal in Newmarket aims to save the pulp of the infected tooth and replace it with specific rubber -like material named gutta-percha. The aim is to allow the tooth to survive so that it doesn’t have to be pulled out. The most common and obvious symptom of the need of a root canal treatment is pain, which can occur in varying degrees. However, a lot of people who undergo root canal in Newmarket complain of pain even after the treatment, which is something that worries those going in for the treatment in Newmarket Dentist office!


Endodontists usually explain the pain through some reasons-

  1. It might take time for the pain and inflammation to go even after the root canal treatment has been performed. The ligament takes some time to get better, during which time a person might experience pain.
  2. Pain is also an accepted side effect of any surgery according to Dentist in Newmarket.
  3. In case of a root canal in Newmarket, the tooth is at it’s most sensitive phase after the surgery, which is why a version to extreme hot or cold foods might be commonly felt.

Endodontists recommend letting the tooth heal naturally, but if your symptoms are worse and the pain is unbearable, do visit an endodontist immediately! For more information about East River Dental Care on Davis Drive east of Yonge Street in Newmarket, visit or call on 905-895- 8031.



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