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Dental First Aid Before Visiting a Dentist

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Dental First Aid Before Visiting a Dentist

While a dentist is usually visited for routine check ups and when undergoing dental procedures, sometimes a dental emergency can also warrant a visit to the dentist. In a case of an injury that causes bleeding or inflammation, or any other adverse symptoms which require being immediately looked at by a dentist in Newmarket, the best one can do is ensure the situation does not get worse before visiting the dentist.

It is advisable that during a dental emergency, one rush to the nearest dentist office in Newmarket and book an appointment without delay. In some cases, for example, waiting on the injury can lead to irreparable damage.

So what exactly should you do when you are about to visit a dentist in Newmarket in an emergency? Here’s a list of guidelines that you could follow in order to ensure that the emergency is kept within safe limits and is only treated by a professional dentist.

1. If the dental emergency is an injury, ensure that the bleeding, if any, is absorbed by a gauze or any clean, sterilized cloth. Trying to stop the bleeding is important, as excessive bleeding can lead to loss of precious blood that will clot the wound.

2. If the damage is to a tooth, especially if an adult tooth is damaged and comes out, try to preserve the tooth and carry it with you to the dentist. In most cases, a dentist in Newmarket is able to reattach the tooth.

3. If there is excessive pain and/or inflammation in the mouth due to an ongoing dental procedure like a root canal, it is advisable that you book an appointment with your regular dentist only. If your regular dentist in Newmarket is not available during the night, then keep an emergency dentist’s number at hand.

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