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We invite you to browse our FAQ section for common questions regarding procedures performed in our office.

I have bad breath – what can I do?

Bad breath can be caused by a multitude of factors but most commonly it is due to gum disease or because of bacterial buildup on the tongue. Dry mouth caused by dehydration, medical conditions and certain medications can add to the bad breath as well. Practice good oral hygiene and see your dentist regularly to keep gum disease under control. Sip on water to prevent dry mouth. Biotene rinses help with dry mouth symptoms. Chewing on sugarless candy is a good way to increase the flow of saliva and reduce bad breath.

How often to brush and floss

Brushing every day twice a day is the best practice. If you only have time to brush once a day, nighttime is best to clean out all food before the night. Flossing is essential and cannot be replaced by anything else. Flossing is best to be done at night before brushing. Try not to use rinses with alcohol because they tend to dry out the mouth.

Should I change all my silver mercury fillings to white?

Studies indicate that there are no measurable health risks to patients who have silver fillings. Patients are still sometimes concerned regarding the mercury. A blood test can be done by your MD to determine the levels of mercury in the blood. If the levels are high, suggestion is to reduce consumption of fish with high mercury levels. Mercury fillings can be changed but this may not cause a significant reduction because the amount of mercury release in a hardened filling is very low. Silver fillings are replaced with tooth colored composite resin or porcelain veneers, crowns, inlays or inlays. There might be some tooth sensitivity for a few weeks after a silver filling is changed to white filling.

Frequency of dental exam and cleaning

During the new patient exam, your oral health will be evaluated and a plan will be put in place which determines the frequency of dental visits. Someone with widespread and severe gum disease is suggested to come in every 3 mth for a scale. Someone with immaculate oral hygiene may only need to come in twice a year. It is important to have a dental exam and four cavity checking xrays at least once a year in order to detect any disease of the soft tissues, cavity or new gum disease.


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